Wednesday, October 5, 2016

6 Reasons Why You Should Consider Reviving Carpet in Your Home

A carpet, much maligned after the garish colors of the previous generation, is being rediscovered as a comfortable and stylish floor choice. With an affordable price range and easy installation, it is increasingly becoming the pick for new homeowners and families everywhere.

1. Fashionable Options

Some progress has been made in the home d├ęcor world by having carpet. Patterns can be used to mute louder paint colors in a particular room, accent them, or give a little spark to an otherwise dull area. Any reputable installer will have a broad range of options for your perusal, and will hopefully help in matching the floor to the rest of the house.

2. Safety

If there are kids in the household, or might be someday, then this option is a no-brainer. The soft landing will absorb any tumbles, and the grooves of it make it easier to walk on. Since it isn't slick, like wood after a spill or cleaning, this flooring option also benefits the elderly or anyone who has difficulty getting around. A good tip is before installing anything new is that you should run your hand across the sample surface or walk on it, if that's possible, to get a good sense of the softness. Be cautious of anything itchy or rough to the touch.

3. Long Term Savings

Carpet is easier to maintain than hardwood flooring, as it doesn't warp and scratches are less noticeable. Shampooing is smart to do, every so often, to get a deep clean. Professionals can clean the flooring, but the machines can also be rented or bought at a reasonable price, and are simple to operate. For people who aren't big on cleaning, darker colors make it harder to tell the last time you've broken out the vacuum.

4. Air Quality and Cleanliness

Carpets have a bad reputation as collecting dust and filth, but that quality can operate as a filter for allergens and dust. If the flooring is occasionally cleaned, they can help you achieve a safer home by trapping dirt until you remove it. Newer models are even more efficient as air filters, and made out of recycled materials, meaning it is the environmentally responsible choice too.

5. Noise Pollution

We can all hear heavy steps on hardwood flooring, which can be an insistent annoyance in a family household. Furthermore, carpet has been proven to absorb noises, such as music and TV chatter. In hectic, modern lives, peace of mind is difficult to find. The benefits in softening the harsh noises around us cannot be understated.

6. Warmth and Insulation

Carpets tend to hold warmth better than cold hardwood floors, and can pay big dividends during the winter as extra insulation. This helps drive down the heating bill too. Furthermore, if you own a fireplace or space heater, nothing is better during a cold winter day than curling up next to them, on a warmed carpet, playing board games or watching a family movie.

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