Sunday, April 17, 2016

Benefits of Having Carpet in Your Home

If you're undecided about what type of flooring to install in your home, explore the many benefits of carpet to see how this option under your feet will do more than just please the eye.

* When you have warm and toasty fibers underneath your feet, your entire room will feel and stay warmer. Carpet adds thermal resistance to a room. This means that when it's cold outside, covering the floor with fibers will help keep the temperatures higher for longer. Bottom line - your furnace won't need to work as hard and as often.

* You may notice people staying longer and feeling more comfortable since carpeting can be more pleasant than sitting on hardwood flooring or tile. Many people find it more appealing to have fibers underfoot instead of bare flooring, too.

* The options in designs and colors are astounding. The days of boring monotones and unimaginative hues are long gone. You can find carpet in virtually any color and shade, with beautiful designs available, too. Don't forget to explore the many different textures on hand for selection. Whether you opt for a neutral palette or something bolder, the flooring style you choose can complement any room.

* Carpet has various safety and aesthetic benefits as well. When people walk on a cushioned surface, they are less likely to trip, slip, or fall than they are on hard and slippery surfaces. This safety can be especially important for young children and the elderly. A soft fiber surface also absorbs noise more readily than hard flooring. You can enjoy this noise insulation between floors, and the reduced sounds of foot traffic through your home may appeal to you. You can even increase sound absorption by adding additional cushioned padding beneath the carpet layer.

* Newer flooring fibers can also serve as an effective air filter in a room, trapping and containing dust and pollen so family members don't breathe it. People prone to indoor allergies may benefit from this air filtering because it keeps particulates from floating in the air.

* Many hard flooring options can be exceedingly expensive. The popularity of hardwoods and tile have driven these prices up with increased demand. Carpeting is less expensive to purchase, install, and maintain. You will likely spend less time cleaning and maintaining these fibers than you would if you install other types of flooring in your home.

* You may be surprised how color can affect your moods and psychological outlook. By placing soothing colors on your floor, such as green, blue, or peach, you can create a relaxing and inviting environment in any room. Choose fibers in a color that feels calming and peaceful and the entire room can have a palliative effect on the people who spend time in it.

Take another look at the fibers you choose for a room. The overall benefits of a soft floor can be an asset to your budget and your overall attitude.

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