Monday, February 29, 2016

Nylon is at the Top of the Fiberhierarchy because of Performance: Truth is Awesome

Nylon is the best-performing carpet you can buy because it is the most versatile of all fibers, providing excellent durability and flexibility in creating a variety of carpet styles. It is the most commonly used carpet fiber and can be found in a wide range of both cut pile and loop pile styles. It has great color flexibility and uniformity, and many nylon yarn systems are exceptionally soft.

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Benefits Of Installing Carpet In A Home

With the popularity of hardwood and laminate flooring, wall-to-wall carpeting has fallen by the wayside in recent years. However, it can be a wonderful flooring option in certain rooms of a home. Carpet is very much making a comeback, especially newly constructed homes. There are a variety of benefits to choosing this type of floor covering over other varieties:


While hardwood flooring is attractive, it is not always the most comfortable. On a cold morning, hard floors are not nearly as inviting as a nice, plush surface. This is especially true for bedrooms. Carpeting provides a warm surface that can be enjoyed by everyone in the family, especially young children as they crawl. During the colder parts of the year, it can also help with heating costs as it helps provide an insulating effect for the home.

Reduced Cost

Installation is very affordable, particularly when compared with wood based materials. Installation costs may be initially higher, but the overall costs of the flooring are less expensive. In order to maximize the costs, it is important that it is properly cared for using the proper equipment and cleaners. Also, be sure to avoid walking on it while wearing shoes. In addition, consider having the floors steam cleaned on a regular basis, especially in high traffic areas to keep them clean and attractive.

Environmental Friendly

Today, carpet is manufactured out of synthetic fiber such as nylon and polyester, much of which comes from recycled materials. These materials are often lower in chemicals that other non-natural forms of floor covering such as laminates or vinyl. For those who want a fully environmentally friendly installation, have the installer use tacks rather than glue, as it can often put off an odor that can be unsettling for some people, particularly those with respiratory issues. Also, consider choosing a hypoallergenic type so that the likelihood of respiratory issues are kept at bay.

Pleasing Appearance

While the notion of carpet may conjure up a vision of 1970s yellow shag, it is important to remember that there are a variety of colors to choose from that are very stylish in any room in a home. Some pleasing colors include pale shades of green, blue, or grey. For those who plan to eventually sell their home, try to install a fairly neutral color palette. However, for anyone who wants to be trendy or exciting, consider experimenting with fun colors and designs. Some examples to consider would be designs based on other cultures, such as bright Moroccan or Indian color schemes.

Carpet can be a very beautiful way to decorate a home, so be sure to shop around to decide which is best for the design scheme for the house. It is comforting to the touch and is perfect for bedrooms, playrooms, offices, and other low traffic areas. Combined with hardwood or laminate, this flooring option should be strongly considered, particularly given its rise in popularity.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Shaw Floors Master Bedroom Transformation on Designing Spaces

Watch to see a master bedroom transform in just one day with a beautiful engineered hardwood floor and the addition of a one-of-a-kind, custom bound area rug from Shaw Floors Cut-A-Rug program in this excerpt from Designing Spaces.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Nylon is Better: Truth is Awesome

In overall performance characteristics, nylon is the most versatile of all fibers, providing excellent durability and flexibility in creating a variety of carpet styles. Nylon also has great color flexibility and uniformity, and many nylon yarn systems are exceptionally soft. Though not inherently stain resistant, most Shaw carpets made with nylon feature a stain-resist carpet treatment for protection against household spills and stains.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Tips To Get Beautiful New Flooring For Your Home

You may not realize how much of a difference a particular type of flooring makes in a house or even just a room. Different types of flooring's impact the look and feel of a room. If you are new to this process of choosing and buying flooring, then you may need a few tips. Home stores offer umpteen flooring options, which may confuse a first-time buyer. But you just need to have a clear mind and know what you want.

First of all, you need to decide on your living room. For this area you can choose between hardwood flooring or carpeting. This decision will depend upon the kind of traffic in your living room and whether you have pets and kids. Choose the one which is suited more to your daily routine and depending on the maintenance that each one needs. The color and design of the floor should depend on the interior colors of the room. It is advisable to choose a more neutral palette so that it blends in easily even if you want a change the paint, furniture or drapes.

If you want a more cost-effective option, then you could even go for laminate flooring. This is an economical and versatile option. It can be used in living rooms, bedrooms or the kitchen. They are easy to maintain and durable for all kinds of use. Laminate flooring can withstand the heat and take a fair amount of traffic while looking great.

Another option that is popular amongst homeowners is vinyl flooring. Some areas of the home are prone to spills and moisture, so vinyl flooring is the best choice for entryways, kitchens and bathrooms. It is considered the most durable and is also considerably easy to maintain.

Another option is discount tile flooring like cool ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles. Tiles are available in practically every color and design and can match any room's interior. People use it more in kitchens, bathrooms, balconies and porticos. But they can be used anywhere. Some like tile in the living room with an area rug, for example.

These are the main options available to you. What you choose will finally depend on a few factors. The first is obviously your own taste and preference. The next is how much maintenance each requires and whether it is suited for your kind of lifestyle. If you do not have the time to maintain floors, then choose an option which requires least care. The next factor is your budget and the cost of each option. If you are ready to splurge then you can go in for the expensive hardwood options or marble tiles. If you want a more economical deal, then you still have many options like laminate or vinyl. You will enjoy your flooring for many years to come if you choose thoughtfully.

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Sunday, February 14, 2016

R2X Changed the Game 20 Years Ago: Truth is Awesome

Chris Yarbrough talks about how Shaw's R2X® Stain and Soil Repellant protects carpet fibers from dirt and spills. Shaw's exclusive R2X system goes beyond conventional repellents that only protect the surface of the carpet. With R2X, carpets are armed with total fiber coverage, offering complete protection from the top to the bottom of the yarn. This total fiber coverage offers unprecedented protection against household spills and everyday soiling.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Three Things to Look Out for When Buying New Carpet

While many people instinctively think of the new car smell when the joy of a fresh purchase comes to mind, the feeling of new carpet may be even better. From the cleanliness of the virgin material to the soft and luxurious experience of sinking into padded comfort with each step, few things can compare. However, that doesn't mean that any old purchase will produce this effect, as many simply fall short of the mark. Similarly, not every house is right for a new rug. If you're contemplating a new wall-to-wall purchase, here are some important things to keep in mind.


The one downfall of carpet is that it requires significantly more maintenance than other floor coverings, especially hardwood and tile. However, the obvious tradeoff is that soft floors are far more comfortable, especially during the cold months. With that in mind, it's important to have a solid idea of the amount of use that the room, family, and house will demand from the floor covering. If you've got lots of kids running around, for example, you may not want to get the plushiest model available. Dogs and cats can also mean extra cleaning. A great manufacturer or retail salesman will be able to recommend the right brand and style for your family. Textured rugs will conceal footprints and vacuum tracks, while Saxony, level loop, and high-density loop options should be lower maintenance. Of course, if this isn't an issue, then you can go straight for comfort.


Different styles create a different feeling, and often, it's not just about the surface. Padding usually goes underneath, and it can make the difference between a cushy surface and a hard and unwelcoming floor. The padding provides a buffer between subfloor variations and the surface. Great padding will drastically reduce wear and tear. Most manufacturers recommend a specific type of padding with each model, making it easy to choose the right one. According to the Carpet and Rug Institute, you'll want an 11-millimeter padding with 6 pounds of density per cubic foot for your average floor covering, whereas thinner models can rest with 9.5-millimeter, 8-pound models.


While most people would never think of it, many floor coverings come packed with chemicals, often called Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs. These include formaldehyde and other deleterious chemicals that can cause serious health risks, especially if children or adults already have respiratory issues. Carpets should be evaluated for their contents, as they become a pervasive part of the indoor environment, affecting air quality and overall health. Natural products should be chosen over artificial ones, with wool and jute on the safe list. And, as with all products, many of these floor coverings can be made unsustainable. As a result, green consumers know to check the recycled-content numbers of their rug before purchase. This gives them a heads-up on the impact that their comfort will have on the environment.

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Diamond 10™ Technology - Armstrong Floors

New Vivero flooring is made with patent-pending Diamond 10 Technology, Armstrong's exclusive manufacturing process that includes real diamonds.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Our Carpet Starts Clean and Stays Clean: Truth is Awesome

Wonder how to keep your floors clean? Having them cleaner from the beginning is a huge step in the right direction. Shaw Floors is the world's largest manufacturer of carpet and our internal experts train flooring retailers, Shaw employees and consumers alike. Get an insider view as Chris Yarbrough talks about how Shaw Floors start clean and stay clean for the lifetime of the carpet.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

SmartStrand Forever Clean Now Features All Pet Protection and Warranty

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpet now features All Pet Protection and Warranty, the only carpet protection system that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time.

Now SmartStrand is an even smarter choice for pets and pet owners.