Monday, January 18, 2016

Why Hardwoods Are Great For Young Families?

Flooring choice can be a hot topic for families who are remodeling, upgrading, or building a new home. With so many choices available, it's often hard to narrow down the best option for each family's specific needs. And then you have the daunting task of picking floor types for every room in a house. Overwhelming is an understatement. Especially if there are infants, toddlers, kids and/or teenagers running about, there are a lot more details to consider when making an expensive home purchase - especially when it comes to flooring.

Functionality, maintenance, durability, and comfort are important for anyone, but when kids and pets are involved, those specifics become even more crucial. After all, most small kids and their caregivers spend a lot of time playing in the floor, so it's important that your flooring choices will be conducive to your daily activities and basic needs.

Perhaps the most common complaint about hard surface flooring is they aren't as comfortable for sitting, crawling, and general playing. Hardwood floors do not offer a cushion for teetering babies as they experiment with rolling, sitting, and standing up. They are not always forgiving to parents' aging knees and backsides that devotedly stoop, bend, sit, and support as their precious little ones meet exciting milestones.

The above complaints are certainly warranted, but in the grand scheme of growing families, babies spend roughly 18 months developing the physical strength and coordination to get up and go. During this very short period of progression, parents have a plethora of versatile floor covering options that range from rugs to foam mats that offer additional cushion and protection. Best of all, these coverings are usually easy to clean, change, or simply throw away after their babies have become stable and confident walkers.

Sure, carpets may be appealing for families with small kids for that cushion and comfort, but once kids grow out of that floor dwelling stage, there are the messy toddler, kid, and teenager stages right around the corner. What hardwood floors offer families that carpet flooring lacks is user friendly cleaning and maintenance. Speaking from experience, these are just a few things our family has had to clean off the floor:

  • Milk
  • Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
  • Red colored juice
  • Glitter
  • Bodily fluids
  • Green paint (forget the claim of 'washable' that green tint will never come out of light colored fibers)

Just imagine trying to thoroughly remove these stubborn things from dense carpet. And don't forget that even as kids get older, their level of cleanliness doesn't improve very much.

With hardwood flooring, cleaning is a breeze and especially with all the other demands of parenting, the last thing parents should have to worry about is ruining carpet that is just going to become dirty and worn out in a matter of a few years. Hardwoods are the perfect choice for growing families because they offer a durable surface that is easy to clean and sanitize. If you are on the fence about flooring choices for your family, be sure to consider the many long term benefits that hardwoods offer over other options.

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