Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tile: The Better Flooring Option

A lot of people think carpet and hardwood are the best options for a home's floors, but that is simply not the case. The best and most stylish form of flooring is tile. There are so many benefits that come with these flooring options, including a wide range of prices that can be customized for your needs. How often do you hear that in regards to carpet or hardwood? Let's explore all the marvelous facets of tile.

Ceramic Vs Porcelain

Oftentimes these terms are erroneously used interchangeably, and other times shop owners create a larger distinction than actually exists in order to justify charging higher rates for porcelain. Both of these types are actually categorized as ceramics. This may be confusing, but think of it like squares and rectangles. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square. The most striking difference is porcelain's water absorption rate. To be considered porcelain, a ceramic has to have a water absorption rate of less than .5. This makes porcelain great for use in showers. Porcelain is baked anywhere from 1200-1400 degrees Fahrenheit, while ceramic is traditionally baked at temperatures upwards of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. The higher temperatures make ceramic easier to cut and shape, but also means that porcelain is a tougher material meant for objects that will see heavy use. In the end, ceramic will always be cheaper than porcelain due to the tile market, but in reality it is not that much different or better than ceramic.


Tile flooring options are the best choice for people who suffer from serious allergies. Unlike carpeting, nothing is caught in the ceramic or porcelain floors that can be kicked up, and both of these surfaces are extremely hostile to the survival of allergens and bacteria. Ceramic and porcelain also do not absorb fumes, liquids, or odors like hardwood or carpets do.


These floors are so easy to clean, taking no more than a few minutes to wipe down. Ceramic can be as cheap as two dollars per square foot, and you can save money on the price of installation because you can do it yourself. Also, you will not have to replace your floors for a very long time! Ceramic and porcelain are both far more durable than any hardwood or carpet flooring option you could possibly get. The only problem this causes is that if you damage one tile and need to replace it, you will probably not be able to find the same color and style again, as the styles for these products change about as fast as the fashion industry. Make sure you order extra pieces just in case you need them, or else you will have to re-do your entire floor.

What are you waiting for? Ceramic and porcelain are clearly the best flooring options around. Visit your local hardware store and see what kind of rates you can get on installation.

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