Saturday, January 9, 2016

Carpet Can Be Practical And Beautiful

You have decided to carpet one or more rooms in your home! With so many choices, you may not know where to begin. You may think that you are limited in your choices for those high-traffic areas, and rooms where you may have kids or pets. However, the types and construction of materials have come a long way. You can have a quality material that is practical for the space, yet in nice designs and colors that fit your style. Consider these different types of carpet:


This carpet has fibers that are all cut at the same level and they are tightly twisted in the same direction. It has a smooth, silky looking surface, and feels soft to the touch. Because it is so plush and soft, it does show footprints and vacuum tracks more easily than other types. This type is good for areas of your home that don't have as much traffic, such as bedrooms or a formal living room.

Textured Plush

This style is similar to the plush, but the twisted fibers are at different orientation angles. The angles reflect the light in different ways, resulting in a more "textured" look. Because of the added texture, it does not show imprints as much as the plush, so it is a great choice for rooms where you might have active children and pets.


This style is made of heat-set fibers that are tightly twisted and bent, giving it a crimped appearance. Frieze is really strong, and it hides footprints and seams well. It has a casual look and feel, and is ideal for high traffic areas. This would be a great choice for a kid's room or your main living area.

Multi Color

This carpet is made of cut fibers in a combination of colors and tones to give it a unique look. It's made to be long lasting, and is great at hiding footprints as well as dirt. You can select from many designs and colors. The variations can be minimal, such as different colored small specks among a lighter or darker color. Or, you may choose to have striking differences in the color such as a light tip on a dark fiber. This style is great for spicing up an otherwise dark or drab room!

Level Loop

This type is made of rows of looped fibers that are all the same height. While it looks smooth, it has a knotty kind of texture. Because of the density, it doesn't show footprints or tracks, and it hides dirt well. Level loop is great for high traffic areas like recreation rooms or family rooms. This style is also very popular in commercial offices.


This is another loop type, with the fibers being looped through the carpet backing. It has large loops so it has a warm, natural look. Like the level loop, it doesn't show footprints or tracks. It's another great choice for high-traffic areas such as dens, family rooms and children's rooms.


Patterned does not just mean designs or color schemes. Patterned styles are created by:

- Combining cut and looped fibers, or high and low looped fibers.
- Using different colors of yarn.
- Actually printing a pattern onto the carpet.

This flooring style gives you a lot of choices to create a unique look for your room. Because you are combining fiber styles, this type usually doesn't show footprints, so it's nice for regularly used rooms.

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