Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!

"You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."
- C.S. Lewis

Have a Wonderful New Year!

Monday, December 28, 2015

Decorate With Hardwood Flooring Like a Pro

Hardwood flooring is one of the most versatile flooring options that you can choose for your home. You can pair it with sleek, modern decor, combine it with quaint country furnishings, or use it to create a relaxed coastal vibe. But if you need inspiration for your room design, a few pro tips can help make sure that the wood serves as the perfect accent to the rest of your decor.

Consider Color

Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of colors and finishes. While you can choose a color based solely on personal preference, it helps to take the rest of the decor into consideration when making your decision. Light- or natural-colored options like white oak and maple are ideal for a small area because they reflect light and can make the space feel larger. They also work well in a space with dark walls or furnishings because they help brighten up the design. On the other hand, dark, stained varieties, such as walnut or mahogany, are best suited for large areas, where they add a warm, sophisticated look. They can also help create a more formal feel, so they're a good choice for the dining room or living room.

Think About Board Size

You can find flooring that features boards in a variety of widths. To figure out the best option for your home, consider the size of the space that you're decorating. If your goal is a bold, dramatic look, wide boards are your best bet. However, using boards with a narrow width can help make a small area appear larger and more open. In a large, over-sized room, wide-width boards have the opposite effect and provide a cozier, more intimate feeling.

Use a Pattern

Plain hardwood flooring can dress up your home, but if you really want to make a statement, consider installing it in a pattern. Have the planks placed on a diagonal to help elongate the look of a room, or lay them perpendicularly to create a striking herringbone design. For a sharp, modern look, a chevron or zigzag pattern is a fun option. A basket-weave design where the planks appear to weave over and under one another can help add visual interest to an otherwise drab space. However, with traditional decor, you may want to go with a classic parquet layout, which consists of an intricate design featuring geometric shapes.

Add a Border

If you've gone with a plain layout for the planks, you can still dress up the look of your home - just add a border. Create a simple border by using planks that contrast in color or size with the rest of the wood. If you want a more dramatic look, though, choose a different material, such as stone or tile, to really help accent the floor. Set the border around the perimeter of the room for an overall statement, or create specific focal points by placing it in the center of the space or another area that you wish to highlight.

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Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

Wishing You Peace and Joy this Holiday Season and Throughout the Entire Year!

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before You Shop Carpet Stores, Know What It Takes to Care for Your Flooring

Deciding on the type of carpet you want for your home is only one part of the equation. You must also consider what it will take to keep your flooring looking its best for as long as possible. By implementing effective cleaning techniques, you can significantly extend the life of your floor covering. Follow these maintenance tips to maximize the life of your carpet.

1. Start each day with a thorough vacuuming.

Daily vacuuming is your best line of defense against a worn, soiled carpet. When you maintain a regular vacuuming schedule, you're able to pick up nearly 80 percent of dry soil, which prevents an accumulation of dirt and debris. If left to sit for an extended period, this soil can become stamped firmly into the fibers.

2. Quickly clean up spills.

The longer you allow a spill to sit, the more time it has to seep deeply into fibers. Take the time to thoroughly clean spills immediately after they occur to preserve the life and appearance of your carpet. Use a clean white towel to blot - not rub or scrub - the spill to remove the excess liquid. Then, use a tested cleaning solution to remove the rest of the spill and any stains the spill may have caused.

3. Hire a professional for a deeper clean.

Every six to twelve months, call in a professional to deep clean your flooring. The high-powered vacuums and steam cleaners used by professionals remove dirt and grime that your average household vacuum often misses. These deep cleaners are also better at removing oily residues and stubborn stains. If you're on a budget, consider renting professional cleaning equipment that you can operate yourself.

4. Place mats at all doors.

Entry mats help ensure that dirt and debris don't reach your carpets. Purchase thick, quality interior and exterior entry mats and place them on the outside and inside of each entrance of your home. Encourage everyone in the house to wipe their feet on the outside mat as well as the inside mat when entering the home. If possible, have everyone remove their shoes upon entry to the house.

5. Invest in quality padding.

As you're shopping carpet stores in your area, ask the staff about padding for your new flooring. Padding not only makes the floor more comfortable to walk on, but it also helps to absorb some of the abuse your floors will withstand, especially in high-traffic areas. As not all types of padding are suitable for all types of carpets, it's important to seek the assistance of a professional to ensure that you purchase the right padding material and thickness.

If you're in the market for new flooring, visiting carpet stores in your area will provide you with a wide selection of options to choose from. Before you head out to shop, be sure that you know what it takes to properly care for your new flooring. By using the tips mentioned above, you can keep your floor covering looking like new for years to come.

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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Tile Flooring Can Make Any Room Pop

If you've looked around your house lately and been unimpressed by what you see, it's time for an upgrade. You don't have to do an entire remodel to make your space look clean and inviting. Discover how tile flooring can make a huge difference, and with so many styles to choose from, you are sure to find a design to suit you best.

Streamlined and Contemporary

For your kitchen, bathroom, hallways, entryways, dining room, and practically anywhere, tile flooring can make a space pop in a whole new way. This type of surface has a smooth, streamlined appeal that makes high-traffic areas more engaging to your family and guests. The clean, contemporary look takes an ordinary space and turns it into something fashionable and fun. Whether you want the shine of porcelain or the matte finish of ceramic, this kind of upgrade is simply stunning in these well-used areas of the home.

Many Styles

You can choose a patterned look for your kitchen, such as classic black and white checkers in either porcelain or ceramic to make this space appear larger and cleaner. Alternatively, you can go with a solid color in every room for an understated appeal. Many people choose to go with a natural rock border, filling in with white, cream, gray, or tan tile flooring to give their space a cottage-like appearance. The sky is the limit when it comes to style and design. Talk to your contractor to see which types of materials and styles would work best with your rooms and budget.

Easy Installation

What makes tile flooring so fun for many people is the ease of installation. It takes a contractor a few hours to a day to upgrade the floors in a single area, and the results are immediately engaging. If your budget allows, consider doing a different design in every area of your house to let each space stand out in its own unique way. Many people use this kind of remodel to make their residence more attractive when they sell their home, or to give their new purchase the personal touch it needs.


Unlike carpet or linoleum, tile lasts for several decades without showing wear and tear. It's easy to clean, resistant to stains and scratching, and pet-friendly. This material is a great investment if you want an upgrade that will last for years. A contractor can help you choose the best type of floors for each space in your house. That way, you don't have to worry about regular high traffic and classic wear and tear.

There are many reasons to choose tile flooring for your home. It's a simple upgrade that's easy to install. Many kinds of tile exist, such that they can accentuate any style. Whether you want to go contemporary and shiny or something classic like a matte color, there are several styles to choose from. Making your house more modern and attractive has never been so easy.

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Swimming Pool Made of Carpet - SHAW LIFEGUARD

Shaw Floors has launched an innovative new carpet collection that promises to be 100% waterproof. One flooring retailer in Texas puts that claim to an unbelievable test when he builds a swimming pool out of SHAW CARPET with LIFEGUARD.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Armstrong® Stratamax® is Stronger Than Fiberglass

Watch Armstrong® Stratamax® perform against other brands of fiberglass resilient sheet.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Many Choices for Home Flooring - Which Flooring Suits You Best?

You home is your haven. So what is the most difficult task to undertake while renovating or constructing it? Some say it's choosing the front door; others say it's choosing the wall color. From deciding the show piece that you want to put in your living area to buying the perfect dining table for your house, each requires research if you want to feel satisfied with your choices for years to come. Another very important decision is choosing the perfect flooring for your home. No one expects you to be an expert in it and so consider these few pros and cons that you must keep in mind while opting for the right type of flooring.

Hardwood: The best place to put hardwood flooring in the home is your living area. It brightens up the space and also gives it a very modern, yet classic look.

Cost: Depending on the quality of hardwood, the price of hardwood will vary. Engineered hardwood is less expensive than others. Because it is not easy to install, you will have to pay extra charges for installation.

Pros: It is durable and has a good resale value. Also, it is very easy to maintain. Damp mopping takes care of spills and dust.

Cons: It is expensive and not water-resistant. In fact, standing water is likely to stain and warp the flooring. Also, hardwood flooring does not absorb sound.

Tile: One of the most versatile flooring, tile can go nearly anywhere. It is most commonly put on in the kitchen, bathroom or dining area because of its utility.

Cost: Tiles come in a variety of range and can easily fit into everyone's budget. It does not need to be installed professionally, though one must be careful because sometimes while installing, one can crack tiles.

Pros: It is extremely durable after it is installed. It is also scratch and water-resistant and this is what makes it a perfect option for kitchen and bathroom floors. It comes in a lot of patterns and colors that give customers a variety of choices.

Cons: They are very cold and therefore not a popular choice for people living in cold regions. They also promote echoing. They require maintenance as the grout gets stained and needs to be cleaned.

Laminate: It is perfect for high traffic areas such as a foyer.

Cost: It is one of the most inexpensive types of flooring available in the market.

Pros: It is highly scratch and stain resistant. Also, if chosen the right pattern, it can look exactly like real wood.

Cons: Like hardwood, it is not water-resistant.

Carpet: It can be ruined very easily and so it should be put in low traffic rooms like the bedrooms.

Cost: The cost of carpet depends on its quality. Its installation costs are low.

Pros: It is soft to touch and gives a cozy feel to the room. It prevents echoing in the room and can help hide irregular, uneven floors.

Cons: They are not stain and water-resistant. Also, they attract dust very easily. It is a bad choice of flooring if you are allergic to dust.

Vinyl: It is the most popular type of flooring for kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It can also be used for laundry room flooring.

Cost: It is quite flexible in terms of the cost mostly because of the variety of patterns it offers.

Pros: It is comparatively inexpensive.

Cons: It is not durable and can tear easily. Also, it is difficult to maintain. It can stain easily.

The market offers many flooring options but you should choose the one that fits your budget and your family's lifestyle. It's important to match the flooring with the theme of the house.

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Monday, December 7, 2015

6 Advantages of Installing Hardwood Flooring In Your House

Flooring is known to be one of the things that are regarded as a must in every house. This is because it forms the interior of any house and without proper flooring a house can look outdated and also like it has no firm foundation. It also often appears as messy, too (i.e. like it's not completed or not boasting a finished look inside). People these days prefer to go with hardwood flooring because of the following six advantages most often.

A Greater Number of Options

When you go with hardwood flooring you will more than likely have a whole lot of options to choose from. You have the option to select any type of wood (Oak, Pine, Mohawk etc.) for the construction, as all of the types each has their own benefits. In short, you can pick hardwood flooring of any type and each type of material gives you a variety of options.

Effortless Fitting and Renovation

There are a number of contractors that offer the services of hardwood floor fitting and renovation, so you will not have any trouble in finding service help. The best thing about such contractors is that they are offering installation and renovation services for hardwood flooring at the lowest possible cost often due to an increase in competition.

Selecting Your Desired Finishing

These days wooden flooring has become the symbol of pride, and many a homeowner wants this flooring to be unique and extravagant. With wooden floors, you can surely have a variety of option to choose from, as it comes with different type of finishing. You can select the one that complements you and your home the most! However, if you are confused about the finishing, then you can also consult a professional in this regard.

Trouble-free Maintenance

Maintaining your wooden floor is really very simple. All you have to do is to vacuum your hardwood floor on regular basis and use the right solutions which are needed to give your flooring the basic shine you want. It is a good idea to go with the manufacturer's suggested cleaning method and solutions because, these manufacturers are aware of the nature of the wooden floor and will recommend the right solutions for it.


The best thing about hardwood floors is that they are 100% reliable! Proper maintenance and care of your hardwood flooring will surely last long, and will be in perfect condition even after a number of years.

Raises the Overall Cost

For most people it may sound awkward but it is really true! Houses that are equipped with wooden flooring sell at a higher cost as compared to the houses that are equipped with marble flooring. This is because hardwood flooring looks much elegant as compared to the marble flooring. Moreover, with proper maintenance, wooden flooring lasts in its original condition for a great number of years.

Installing hardwood is surely the right thing to do if you are taking status, reliability and maintenance under consideration. It not only gives your house an extraordinary look but will surely last long with the least maintenance cost.

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Friday, December 4, 2015

4 Questions You Should Ask While Choosing the Right Flooring

With the wide variety of flooring options available to homeowners today, there really should be something perfect (or nearly so) for everyone's purpose and taste. Since the floor is the most visible part of your home, it is important that you choose the flooring option that best fits your home carefully, both in terms of its aesthetic appeal and also in terms of practicality and budget.

Choosing the Right Flooring: The Things to Consider

Choosing the right flooring for your home involves keeping a fine balance between what you want and what you really need. Below are some of the questions you should ask yourself to know whether or not the kind of flooring you want is the best for your home:

1) In Which Rooms Do You Intend To Use the Flooring?

The part of the house where a room is located, its purpose and how often it is visited are things to consider before choosing a flooring option for that room. It is not very prudent, for example, to use hardwood in a place such as the basement. What you will get is a clammy, moldy surface that may eventually end up posing major health risks.

You do not, also, want to use delicate wool carpets in high traffic areas of your home, such as the hallways and living rooms. Wool easily retains stain and is intolerant to bleaches and chemicals. What you will end up with is a defaced, short-lived material.

And so, different rooms in the house have different flooring options best suited for their purpose.

2) What Is Your Lifestyle?

The members of your household and the way they go about each day is an important factor to consider when choosing the flooring for your home. If you have children or pets, you may want to choose hard surfaces that are not easily damaged.

With elderly people, even more care has to be taken in selecting the right product. Due to their frail nature, it is advisable not to use slippery flooring like tile, to prevent accidents and injuries from falls.

3) Any Health Issues in the Family?

If some member of your family, or perhaps you yourself, suffer from any respiratory conditions such as asthma or allergies to certain chemicals and substances, you must be careful not to use flooring that quietly aggravates these conditions.

Carpets and rugs have a high propensity to trap dirt and allergens, which are more easily cleaned from hard surfaces. You should also takethis into consideration when choosing flooring for your home.

4) How Much Maintenance Time Do You Have?

Some materials need to be cleaned, cared for and maintained much more than others. If you are extremely busy or your home is filled with careless, untidy individuals, it is advisable to choose flooring that demands less maintenance than others.

These are some of the factors that help in choosing the right flooring for your home. In the end, the perfect flooring for you is one that meets your aesthetic goals, is within your budget range and is also practical with regards to your lifestyle needs.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Top 5 Myths About Hardwood Flooring

Are you confused about the type of flooring you need for your house? Are you concerned about using hardwood-flooring because of what you've heard about it? Below are explanations on some major myths about hardwood-flooring; they will help you to understand the truth from myths, and make better decisions regarding your purchase.

• Myth 1: "Hardwood floors are very expensive to purchase and maintain."'

Fact: The initial cost to purchase and install a hardwood floor strip could be higher compared to other types of flooring but it's durable. The costs of maintenance, re-sanding and cleaning are rather low.A hardwood floor lasts over decades and loses its color very gradually. This total cost compared to the cost of purchasing and cleaning other flooring is very less. A general dusting or mopping on a daily basis and immediate mopping of spillages is enough to take care of the floor.

• Myth 2: "Hardwood flooring cannot be used in the kitchen."

Fact: Interestingly, kitchens are best suited for hardwood floors. These rooms experience very high usage and traffic, and woodenfloors are built to meet such situations. Water spills, dropping food, etc. should be cleaned promptly to avoid staining or slipping, but then this would be true of any other flooring as well.

• Myth 3: "Hardwood floors are cold and difficult to maintain."

Fact: An excellent insulator, wood keeps the warmth in and the cold out. Maintaining a hardwood floor just requires you to dust mop it regularly and use appropriate floor cleaner regularly. The floor's beauty, luster and shine will be sustained for years on end without much effort. So when you take a good look, you find that flooring is a much more inviting and appealing product compared to linoleum, tile or laminate flooring.

• Myth 4: "Hardwood floors are not eco-friendly."

Fact: In today's world, being 'green' is very important. When looking at the various materials used for flooring in green buildings, you can notice the following. Engineered flooring can be refinished and re-sanded only once or twice, reducing its lifespan and replacement time. Laminate flooring cannot be refinished if scratched or worn out and will need to be replaced. Comparatively, flooring can be re-sanded and refinished many times and if properly maintained, it need not be replaced for decades making wooden flooring more eco-friendly compared to other floorings.

• Myth 5: "Hardwood floors develop gaps in the cold and lead to defects in the wood."

Fact: During the cold season, homes are heated and air gets dry causing wood, a natural material, to lose some moisture and shrink. It separates and develops gaps between boards as a natural process. In summers, when the heat is off and air is moist again, the gaps close normally. In fact, when laying the hardwood floor in the winter season, an experienced layer will leave slight spaces between the boards to allow wood expansion.

Knowing the many advantages of wooden flooring will help you make your decision on the type of flooring to use in your home or office. It is more durable and stronger than most synthetics. Most of the times, people have heard about the various myths surrounding hardwood flooring and therefore they are indecisive. Most of these are general misconceptions and there is no truth in them.

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