Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Top Bathroom Flooring Choices

When choosing bathroom flooring, you first need to consider your lifestyle, budget and style, but good news is that there are more choices available than flooring materials for other areas of your home. You can be as creative as you want when choosing bathroom flooring from pebbles and cement flooring to ceramic tiles, the possibilities are endless. The bathroom flooring options listed below in order of their popularity will ease your buying decision.

Ceramic Tiles:

Nothing beats the visual appeal of ceramic or porcelain tiles. Like stone, ceramic tiles help you achieve a textured, rich and solid feel, like vinyl it is cost efficient and like wood flooring, it displays the same visual appeal. There are several ceramic tiles to choose from, making it easier to get the one that's right for you. You can even buy ceramic tiles that are similar to stone. Adding to this, they can be had in a wide range of shapes such as hexagonal and octagonal and in several sizes between 4"x 4" to 2"x 2".

Ceramic tiles are a preferred choice as they require minimal maintenance, but may not be as comfortable for the underfoot, which can easily be overcome by installing radiant floor heat. You can opt for mosaic tiles, which arrive in pre-mounted plastic mesh sheets, and eradicate the need to individually install them. Ceramic tiles can be slippery, but texturing helps and smaller tiles tend to be less slippery owing to the fact that more grout is used, which provides a skid free surface.

Tile Vinyl or Sheet:

Tile vinyl or sheets are excellent bathroom flooring options for several reasons starting with their ease of installation. With literally thousands of style options to choose from in this segment, sheet or tile vinyl is a perfect fit for every bathroom in the house and offer a high degree of practicality and low cost of maintenance, To add this, they are stain and water resistant, and have the ability to reduce seams that may otherwise seep under.


Excellent choice if you can afford it. No moisture issues with limestone, granite, marble and other stone flooring choices. Stone ranks high but doesn't top this list for a few reasons such as it is cold and can be slippery, which can be resolved by simply having them sandblasted or directly investing in naturally textured stone such as slate. The biggest pitfall of stone is it the most costly flooring choice of all.


Hardwood floors are a timeless choice and exemplify a classic and warm feel in the bathroom. For bathrooms, engineered wood is a smarter choice than solid wood for its ability to provide better humidity resistance. There are also several pre-finished options that are water resistant and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Laminate bathroom flooring provides a wood type visual appeal, but is actually a photographic rendering sandwiched between two wear layers, and is extremely stain and scratch resistant.

Bamboo and Cork:

Cork is made from bark and is great for the environment and a highly renewable resource. Additionally, it is water, mould and mildew resistant, making it a great fit for bathrooms. Installation however can be tricky and is best left to a professional. Bamboo is eco-friendly and a highly sustainable resource and available at a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors. Engineered bamboo is a smarter choice than solid bamboo because the planks are perfectly suited for wet environments such as bathrooms and are extremely durable.

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