Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Right Flooring Can Make Any Room Outstanding

Flooring is used in many residences and businesses. The use of resources to shield the ground in any dwelling has been around for thousands of years. Flooring is a common term used in reference to the different materials available today. Let's take a look at some of the earlier items used to conceal the ground in a home.

Older Flooring

Dirt: In Europe, mint was used as a room deodorizer by spreading it across the room. People walking on the mint spread its scent throughout the room. In early North American homes, settlers spread sand on top of the dirt. When the sand became dirty, they would sweep it out of the door and replace it. Other settlers spread peanut and sunflower shells on the dirt. As the shells were trampled underfoot, the oil from the shells would help to settle the dust.

Sand: Sometimes, colored sand was used to decorate the dirt and make it more attractive. Patterns could be made, with some of the designs being quite intricate. In India, this method evolved into a well-known art form called "rangoli," or floor painting. Sometimes, rice powder and flower petals were used as decorations as well.

Stone and Brick: Around 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians developed stone construction techniques. Stone and brick were used to shield the ground in and outside of buildings and homes. One form or another of this method was used by the Greeks and the Roman Empire, who also invented tile-making techniques.

Wood: This material was first used in the Middle Ages, followed by rugs first being used around 400 B.C. Today, four basic materials are used to protect the lower portion of a house or building.

Modern Products

Carpeting: This product is a textile consisting of an upper layer of pile, a raised surface of a fabric, attached to a type of backing. The pile is usually made from fibers or wool. The term "carpet" is often interchangeable with "rug," although carpet can be applied to any covering that is used throughout an entire house.

Ceramic Tile: A tile is a manufactured piece of material such as ceramic, stone, and glass. It is a common item used to build roofs, walls, showers, and many other objects. Ceramic is a near perfect insulator, being neither cold nor hot.

Hardwood: This product is manufactured from lumber that is made specifically to be cut into planks. Wood is a popular flooring product because of its conservational profile, ability to be restored, and resilience.

Vinyl: Also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, vinyl is inexpensive and used in a multitude of buildings, from homes to hospitals and schools. The smooth, tough surface prevents the buildup of dirt, which prevents microbes from forming. This provides a clean, sterile location.

Whatever your flooring needs, contact your local dealership for more information.

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