Thursday, October 8, 2015

Best Carpet for Families With Small Children

When you're trying to raise a family and have small children, replacing your carpet every year is out of the question. It's a fact: kids are known to be extra hard on flooring, so you need something that resists staining and wear and tear. All carpets on the market today are made from the same four basic types of fiber, or a combination of them. Let's take a look at each of these and determine the most suitable kinds for young families.

1. Nylon Fiber

Nylon fiber has been in use for flooring since the 1960s. It is versatile and durable, but is not resistant to stains on its own. Most flooring made of nylon fiber has been treated with a stain resistant chemical to keep it looking fresh.

Nylon is the most expensive, but also the longest lasting. If your budget will allow you to purchase nylon fiber floor covering, this is the best option for young families. With the stain resistant treatment included, it will hold up to lots of traffic and wear.

2. Polypropylene Fiber

This type of floor covering comes in second. Polypropylene fiber holds its original color better than all the others and does not fade. It is great at resisting stains, but does not hold its shape as well as nylon and can become crushed down after a while. You will often find it in loop style flooring because of this very reason. This is a fairly inexpensive type of flooring.

3. Polyester Fiber

In third place, but not by much, is polyester. Polyester fibers are super soft and retain their color easily. They are also naturally stain resistant and do not require an artificial stain resistant treatment. However, polyester does not hold up as well as nylon and can look crushed. It is often used in low traffic areas such as bedrooms or home offices.

Before buying a carpet made of polyester fibers, make sure to do a "feel test."

Try to insert your fingers into the carpet pile. If it's difficult to insert your fingers, it passes the test. If not, it fails. This is because thicker piles are denser, so you cannot reach into them as easily. You want a thicker pile when buying polyester types of flooring because that means it will not take on a crushed look too soon.

Polytrimethylene Terephthalate fiber is a type of polyester fiber that is not stain or soil resistant, nor can it be treated with stain resistant chemicals. This is a type of polyester fiber that is not recommended for homes with children or pets because of the stain factor. However, if you do not have children or pets, you might consider it.

In the world of floor coverings, there are many types, styles, cuts, colors, and brands to choose from. With the information provided, you are one step closer to understanding what's available. Now, take this information and go buy yourself a new carpet, knowing exactly what you need.

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