Thursday, October 29, 2015

Top 5 Benefits of Carpeting

Carpets are a very popular floor decoration method across the world. They have long been associated with luxury and comfort. In today's diverse life, carpeting is just one of the various options for soft floors.There are many practical benefits of this soft floor covering, whether you choose to have the carpets laid loose in the room, or have them laid permanently wall to wall. Before making your decision on buying a carpet, you should know the various benefits of carpeting.

• Safe and soft: Carpets help decrease stress on joints in case you fall. This is because the soft and resilient fibers of a carpet give a cushioning effect and absorb the effect of the fall to some extent. The materials also helps in reducing slippage especially when wet. This non-slip property of carpets benefits elders and infants the most. Carpeting also helps in soothing tired feet with its soft touch.

• Energy saving: Carpets are natural thermal insulators which create heat barriers and they also have low heat conduction. They can help in saving energy by retaining warmth in a room and making a major contribution. Heat that would have dissipated with a hard floor gets retained by the carpet. This energy saving also helps you with a lower heating bill.

• Better health: Carpets have great dust-trapping properties. Once the dust settles on the carpet, along with allergens, germs and other contaminants, the pile fibers hold the particles firmly in place; incoming air drafts cannot disturb the particles trapped in the carpet. When the carpet is vacuumed again, these particles are then removed from the carpet and the room. This helps you to have lesser allergies and to breathe easier.

• Noise insulation: Carpets have high sound absorption capability and a fitted carpet plays a vital role in removing most of the impact noise. This becomes extremely useful in apartments or with first floor rooms. Imagine the sound of your active children or other sounds from the bedroom upstairs coming through the hard floor. These would get totally barred out by carpeting. Noise pollution is a serious issue for the well-being of all; when the floors are well-carpeted, this issue can be handled properly.

• Beautiful and stylish fashion: Carpets are a very versatile option and come in various colors, style and patterns offering a stylish fashion choice for your home décor be it traditional or a contemporary look. With the increase in innovation in carpet manufacturing technology and yarn, they now come in multi-level textures and designs,from floral designs of old world charm to rustic friezes and sisal-look ribs. Nicely incorporated into home décor, carpets can improve the look, quality and value perception of the room, offering a lovely contrast to the smoother surfaces like furniture and walls.

Apart from the above benefits, carpets are also pretty easy to clean and maintain. They are generally quick to install,giving scope to let your creativity loose. If you select the correct carpet for your floors, these durable floor covers can provide you with many years of service. So be it for style, or to help your little one suffer less during falls, or to reduce noise pollution or any other reason, soft floor carpets are very useful.

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Monday, October 26, 2015

SmartStrand Forever Clean - The World's Toughest Carpet

Over the last 10 years, Mohawk has put SmartStrand through some pretty extreme challenges. Now, Mohawk is putting new SmartStrand Forever Clean, the toughest, easiest to clean carpet on the planet, to the test with an all-new challenge.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Find the Right Flooring For You

Having the flooring replaced or put into your home can be a hefty job. It can also require a major decision. You might ask yourself a few questions, such as: Which type is right for my home? Which kind is the most cost-effective? These are great questions, as are the following.

What Are My Options?

There are several different kinds of flooring, each with their own pros and cons. Ceramic tiling is a popular choice for homeowners. It is one of the cheaper options out there and provides great durability and is easily cleaned. Ceramic tiles are what you might go for in a room like the kitchen or bathroom if you have children, pets, or both.

Carpet is also a common choice among homeowners. Carpet allows for fragile items to drop with a decreased risk of breaking, plus it creates a comfortable living environment. However, it is one of the harder types of flooring to install, and it is expensive. For these reasons, you might choose carpet for a bedroom or the den.

Hardwood may be on your list of possibilities. Hardwood is known for its durability, and it's also very easy to clean. It can be expensive, though, and difficult to install. Because of this, some people choose to go with engineered wood instead. Engineered wood is much easier to install, but what you gain in installation convenience, you may lose in durability. Engineered wood is good for basements because it handles moisture well. Hardwood might be better for a kitchen or dining room.

Stone is the most durable option of all. It looks the same as it ages and will last you for a very long time. On the other hand, it is expensive and involves a very laborious installation. It can also be especially slippery when wet, and you definitely don't want to fall on it. It may not be the best option for a household with children, however, if they are grown, it can be great for your home renovation.

Lastly we have vinyl, which is becoming increasingly popular. Vinyl is cheap, easy to install, and easy to clean. It can be great if you have a sudden need for quick and affordable flooring. It is not very durable, but if you treat it right, then it can last you a while.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of having flooring installed varies based on several factors. Typically, it can run you between $2,500 and $3,500. This can be more if you choose a style that is difficult and time-consuming to install, or less if you put it in yourself. Either way, be sure that you are ready to handle the costs before you proceed with any decisions.

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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Right Flooring Can Make Any Room Outstanding

Flooring is used in many residences and businesses. The use of resources to shield the ground in any dwelling has been around for thousands of years. Flooring is a common term used in reference to the different materials available today. Let's take a look at some of the earlier items used to conceal the ground in a home.

Older Flooring

Dirt: In Europe, mint was used as a room deodorizer by spreading it across the room. People walking on the mint spread its scent throughout the room. In early North American homes, settlers spread sand on top of the dirt. When the sand became dirty, they would sweep it out of the door and replace it. Other settlers spread peanut and sunflower shells on the dirt. As the shells were trampled underfoot, the oil from the shells would help to settle the dust.

Sand: Sometimes, colored sand was used to decorate the dirt and make it more attractive. Patterns could be made, with some of the designs being quite intricate. In India, this method evolved into a well-known art form called "rangoli," or floor painting. Sometimes, rice powder and flower petals were used as decorations as well.

Stone and Brick: Around 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians developed stone construction techniques. Stone and brick were used to shield the ground in and outside of buildings and homes. One form or another of this method was used by the Greeks and the Roman Empire, who also invented tile-making techniques.

Wood: This material was first used in the Middle Ages, followed by rugs first being used around 400 B.C. Today, four basic materials are used to protect the lower portion of a house or building.

Modern Products

Carpeting: This product is a textile consisting of an upper layer of pile, a raised surface of a fabric, attached to a type of backing. The pile is usually made from fibers or wool. The term "carpet" is often interchangeable with "rug," although carpet can be applied to any covering that is used throughout an entire house.

Ceramic Tile: A tile is a manufactured piece of material such as ceramic, stone, and glass. It is a common item used to build roofs, walls, showers, and many other objects. Ceramic is a near perfect insulator, being neither cold nor hot.

Hardwood: This product is manufactured from lumber that is made specifically to be cut into planks. Wood is a popular flooring product because of its conservational profile, ability to be restored, and resilience.

Vinyl: Also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC, vinyl is inexpensive and used in a multitude of buildings, from homes to hospitals and schools. The smooth, tough surface prevents the buildup of dirt, which prevents microbes from forming. This provides a clean, sterile location.

Whatever your flooring needs, contact your local dealership for more information.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Top Bathroom Flooring Choices

When choosing bathroom flooring, you first need to consider your lifestyle, budget and style, but good news is that there are more choices available than flooring materials for other areas of your home. You can be as creative as you want when choosing bathroom flooring from pebbles and cement flooring to ceramic tiles, the possibilities are endless. The bathroom flooring options listed below in order of their popularity will ease your buying decision.

Ceramic Tiles:

Nothing beats the visual appeal of ceramic or porcelain tiles. Like stone, ceramic tiles help you achieve a textured, rich and solid feel, like vinyl it is cost efficient and like wood flooring, it displays the same visual appeal. There are several ceramic tiles to choose from, making it easier to get the one that's right for you. You can even buy ceramic tiles that are similar to stone. Adding to this, they can be had in a wide range of shapes such as hexagonal and octagonal and in several sizes between 4"x 4" to 2"x 2".

Ceramic tiles are a preferred choice as they require minimal maintenance, but may not be as comfortable for the underfoot, which can easily be overcome by installing radiant floor heat. You can opt for mosaic tiles, which arrive in pre-mounted plastic mesh sheets, and eradicate the need to individually install them. Ceramic tiles can be slippery, but texturing helps and smaller tiles tend to be less slippery owing to the fact that more grout is used, which provides a skid free surface.

Tile Vinyl or Sheet:

Tile vinyl or sheets are excellent bathroom flooring options for several reasons starting with their ease of installation. With literally thousands of style options to choose from in this segment, sheet or tile vinyl is a perfect fit for every bathroom in the house and offer a high degree of practicality and low cost of maintenance, To add this, they are stain and water resistant, and have the ability to reduce seams that may otherwise seep under.


Excellent choice if you can afford it. No moisture issues with limestone, granite, marble and other stone flooring choices. Stone ranks high but doesn't top this list for a few reasons such as it is cold and can be slippery, which can be resolved by simply having them sandblasted or directly investing in naturally textured stone such as slate. The biggest pitfall of stone is it the most costly flooring choice of all.


Hardwood floors are a timeless choice and exemplify a classic and warm feel in the bathroom. For bathrooms, engineered wood is a smarter choice than solid wood for its ability to provide better humidity resistance. There are also several pre-finished options that are water resistant and can withstand heavy foot traffic. Laminate bathroom flooring provides a wood type visual appeal, but is actually a photographic rendering sandwiched between two wear layers, and is extremely stain and scratch resistant.

Bamboo and Cork:

Cork is made from bark and is great for the environment and a highly renewable resource. Additionally, it is water, mould and mildew resistant, making it a great fit for bathrooms. Installation however can be tricky and is best left to a professional. Bamboo is eco-friendly and a highly sustainable resource and available at a fraction of the cost of hardwood floors. Engineered bamboo is a smarter choice than solid bamboo because the planks are perfectly suited for wet environments such as bathrooms and are extremely durable.

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Best Carpet for Kids

Television host and designer Chip Wade shares his choice for the perfect carpet for kids.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Best Carpet for Families With Small Children

When you're trying to raise a family and have small children, replacing your carpet every year is out of the question. It's a fact: kids are known to be extra hard on flooring, so you need something that resists staining and wear and tear. All carpets on the market today are made from the same four basic types of fiber, or a combination of them. Let's take a look at each of these and determine the most suitable kinds for young families.

1. Nylon Fiber

Nylon fiber has been in use for flooring since the 1960s. It is versatile and durable, but is not resistant to stains on its own. Most flooring made of nylon fiber has been treated with a stain resistant chemical to keep it looking fresh.

Nylon is the most expensive, but also the longest lasting. If your budget will allow you to purchase nylon fiber floor covering, this is the best option for young families. With the stain resistant treatment included, it will hold up to lots of traffic and wear.

2. Polypropylene Fiber

This type of floor covering comes in second. Polypropylene fiber holds its original color better than all the others and does not fade. It is great at resisting stains, but does not hold its shape as well as nylon and can become crushed down after a while. You will often find it in loop style flooring because of this very reason. This is a fairly inexpensive type of flooring.

3. Polyester Fiber

In third place, but not by much, is polyester. Polyester fibers are super soft and retain their color easily. They are also naturally stain resistant and do not require an artificial stain resistant treatment. However, polyester does not hold up as well as nylon and can look crushed. It is often used in low traffic areas such as bedrooms or home offices.

Before buying a carpet made of polyester fibers, make sure to do a "feel test."

Try to insert your fingers into the carpet pile. If it's difficult to insert your fingers, it passes the test. If not, it fails. This is because thicker piles are denser, so you cannot reach into them as easily. You want a thicker pile when buying polyester types of flooring because that means it will not take on a crushed look too soon.

Polytrimethylene Terephthalate fiber is a type of polyester fiber that is not stain or soil resistant, nor can it be treated with stain resistant chemicals. This is a type of polyester fiber that is not recommended for homes with children or pets because of the stain factor. However, if you do not have children or pets, you might consider it.

In the world of floor coverings, there are many types, styles, cuts, colors, and brands to choose from. With the information provided, you are one step closer to understanding what's available. Now, take this information and go buy yourself a new carpet, knowing exactly what you need.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

4 Reasons to Hire a Carpet Cleaning Company

When your flooring starts to look dingy and unattractive, you may feel that renting equipment to make it look new again is your best option. You may feel that you're saving money by doing it yourself. However, hiring a professional to get the job done is your best option. Here are 4 reasons why you should always go with an expert when it comes to managing your carpeting issues.

Environmentally Friendly Service

If you have children or pets, carpet cleaning can be more dangerous than you think. Renting equipment and using the chemicals that go with it can leave chemical residue in your flooring that can make your children or pets sick. Companies often use environmentally safe products that not only remove stains and odors, but also leave the air and surfaces safe for small children to walk around on once dry. Ask you a local professional if this is a service they can provide.


When you try to do this type of chore on your own, it takes away from other things you could be doing, such as spending time with your family and friends or even focusing on other tasks that need to be done in your home. With a carpet cleaning service, you don't have to lift a finger. All you have to do is point out the areas that need treatment and steer clear of those parts of the home until they are dry. Companies use special ventilating tools and fans to leave your flooring fresh and dry within just a few hours' time, which allows you to relax and enjoy your day.

Thorough Service

You likely have a plethora of stains to treat, such as food, pet, and even lipstick spots that need special care. With a carpet cleaning service, each area you are concerned about can be treated with the right products and tools to leave the area as fresh and new as possible. Certain types of padding and brands, such as shag and loop thread, can be damaged if the wrong equipment is used, so make sure you hire a professional to give these specialty flooring types the care they need.

Peace of Mind

Trying to take on the daunting task of making your flooring look new again can be difficult, even if you rent equipment that is specifically designed for the job. You have to make sure you use fresh water, the right ratio of chemicals and follow the instructions on how to operate the machinery. If you use a carpet cleaning service, you know that your flooring is getting expert care. That is peace of mind.

Carpet cleaning is something that you must do in order to get rid of stains, odors, and other issues with your flooring. In using a professional company to do the work, you can feel confident that your house is truly spic and span.

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Friday, October 2, 2015

How to Select the Best Carpet Fiber

Television host and designer Chip Wade shares his some tips for choosing the best carpet fiber for your home.