Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Top 5 Surprising Facts About Carpet

If you are thinking of installing new carpet in your home, you may have some hesitations. There are many false beliefs that people have about carpet and I hope to clear up some of those beliefs with the facts below.

Your carpet alone will not grow mold. Without food or water, your carpet will not grow mold on its own. This is a common misconception as mold can often be found on carpeting. However, any mold that you find on your carpet was most likely generated by moisture in the wood below or from food. For example, you might find a large amount of mold on the carpet if you have a leak.

Carpet alone does not stimulate your allergies. In fact, the opposite might be true. It actually has the ability to absorb allergens and keep them from traveling through the air. Another common misconception is that cleaning them will trigger an allergy attack. While it is true that certain chemicals will be harmful when it comes to your allergies, picking the right cleaner or consulting with cleaning professionals will help you avoid that stuffy nose.

It should be cleaned more often than you think. Many people think that if carpets looks clean, they is clean. Carpet does not only collect dirt. There are all kinds of harmful particles that hide within it. In addition, there may be soil that you cannot see that is doing more damage than your realize. Little dirt particles have the ability to ruin the fiber coating of your carpet. In fact, these particles accumulate on a daily basis so you might want to think about getting the vacuum out!

It has the power to reduce noise within your house. Carpeting will in fact reduce unwelcome noise within your home. It literally absorbs a room's sound as long as the carpet is laid out across the entire room.

It is not necessarily more expensive than hardwood floors. In certain cases, hardwood floors can be less expensive. However, the cost of maintaining your carpet can be much less than maintaining a hardwood floor. Hardwood floors require buffing, mopping, sweeping, etc. If you clean your carpet periodically and vacuum it regularly, it can end up costing you much less time and money in the end.

Not all carpets are made equal. It is important to learn how to choose the right one for your home. Hopefully some of these facts changed any misconceptions you had and helped you realize that carpeting is in fact a very wise flooring option.

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