Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Choosing Wood Flooring

There are a number of different options available when it comes to putting down flooring in your new home, and many of them have great visual appeal. However, like all choices, hardwood comes with its own unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Often, the best fit for a house will depend largely on the inhabitants. No matter what your situation, however, there are several benefits that you're sure to appreciate with hardwood floors.

Safety and Sanitation

One of the most important criteria for a home improvement purchase should be safety and sanitation. If you fill your home with items that are easy to clean, your life will not only be healthier, but it will also be much safer. Hardwood floors are great in this respect. Hardwood doesn't hide the sort of particulate matter, dust, dirt, and mold, that you'll find in a thick carpet. It will similarly be free from the sort of carpet bugs and bacteria that plague many households. And, of course, wooden flooring is easy to clean up, with little risk of serious stains, unlike carpeting.

Modern Aesthetic

Hardwood is definitely "in" for those on the cutting edge of home design. This option brings the warmth and natural beauty of the forest into the home, with a fit and a polish that can only be described as "sleek" and "elegant." This type of floor will also add a sense of spaciousness to any room due to its reflective quality.

Unique Appearance

With carpeting, there is little that stands out in the way of uniqueness. However, the same is not true of hardwood. Thanks to the distinct patterns present on each tree, no two flooring installations are the same, each varying in tone, patterns, and other subtle qualities. Every hardwood, bamboo, or other tree-based floor stands on its own.


Hardwood is very easy to update and repair. While certainly more durable than carpet, this option can still get scraped, scuffed, or otherwise damaged if it is in an area that receives steady usage from household members. However, these little aesthetic issues can be easily ameliorated with sanding. In addition, if you want a color change, you don't need to put in a new installation at all. Sanding and refinishing will change and improve the hue and luster of any area. And when it comes to everyday cleanup, nothing can beat wood. Instead of a loud vacuum, hardwood simply needs a broom and a mop. Special wood cleaners also allow owners to maintain the appearance of their floors.

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