Friday, April 17, 2015

Want Add a Rustic Feel To Your Home? Think About Your Hardwood Flooring

Do you want to add some natural, rustic charm to your home? While you may have a plan for the window treatments and paint colors, you may also want to consider your choice of hardwood flooring. Floors can change the mood of a room, especially in rustic decor.

Go For More Earthen Colors

One way to have a more natural, earthy feel to your home is to choose lighter tones for your hardwood flooring. These lighter colors, such as a honey or light brown create a warm, comfortable environment for your room. These colors allow you to have a more casual feel to your home, while darker tones provide an elegant, more dramatic atmosphere. As an added bonus, lighter tones also make rooms seem a little larger. The warmer, natural colors allow you to decorate your home in almost any fashion, while darker tones may require a more polished design scheme.

Use Random Planks

Another fun trend for a more natural hardwood look is to use a wider sized wood plank in a random pattern. The size of the board can affect the entire feel of a room, and randomly placing the planks is one way to make a room feel more rustic. Using hardwood in this way also allows you to customize your floors. Your flooring will look like none other. Choose a plank that is about six inches wide for the best effect. These planks would be great in any home, from a country cottage to an urban apartment.

Consider a Textured Board

To take your rustic design a step further, choose a textured board for your floors. Textured flooring is really becoming very trendy in the design world. You can choose from a variety of wood to achieve this effect. A knotty pine plank would be a really nice, natural way to bring in some texture. Alternatively, you can purchase planks that have been purposely scraped in order to provide some additional texture. Some of the best woods to choose from include oak, maple, hickory, and birch. You can also achieve a textured look by having your hardwood floors stained in a way that allows the grain of the wood look very weathered and rustic.

If you want a more natural look to your home design, be sure to consider some of these options. For even more ideas, visit a local home store. Ask to see some samples of the rustic or textured hardwood flooring that is offered so that you can make the right decision for your home.

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