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Bamboo Flooring Vs Hardwood Flooring - What Are The Advantages Of Each?

Each type of available flooring has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you are having your house renovated, you might already be confused which one to pick. Currently, there are two leading types of materials used for laying floors. Bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring - just which one should you pick?

Let us start with bamboo. Compared to hardwood which has been around for many years now, bamboo is relatively a newcomer. Since it has become quite popular lately, many manufacturers are cashing in on it. That is why the quality varies, depending on where it comes from.

First and foremost, bamboo is extremely hard, and can outlive most hardwood counterparts. It is resilient, and can put up with dropped heavy objects. However, as mentioned earlier, this will depend on the manufacturer. To be on the safe side, opt for something that has grown for more than 5 years, as it is likely tougher than a younger one.

Bamboo grows really fast, and has an abundant supply from many parts of the world. Unlike hardwood which takes many years to replenish, bamboo is ready for harvest in as short as 5 years. And it can grow over and over again on the same plant. This is why it has gotten the nod of many environmentalists.

When it comes to cleaning, simple sweeping and occasional mopping is all it takes. Remember that this plant, while growing, is accustomed to extreme weather conditions. And for the same reason, it's very much suitable for use in areas of the house where moisture is aplenty. Try placing hardwood floor in the kitchen, bathroom and the likes.

Now let us go to hardwood. As with its bamboo counterpart, hardwood's quality is dependent on its manufacturer. But generally, many interior designers and homeowners consider this as timeless. It adds a touch of elegance, whether your house is contemporary or traditional looking.

While it is true that bamboo is relatively stronger, technological advancements in manufacturing changes that. Over the recent years, the durability and overall quality of hardwood floors have significantly improved. But remember that many different typed of materials are used for this kind of flooring. There are those that are suitable for high-moisture areas of the house, while there are some that aren't quite.

If your kids is allergic to dust and other irritants, then this material is relatively more suitable for your home. Compared to carpet, tiles and other flooring materials, hardwood has no grout lines or fibers. These areas are where dust and other irritants are likely to collect.

Even with minimal caring and maintaining, this type of floor will retain its beauty for many years. And another thing that's wonderful about it is it ages with grace. Its tone deepens and grain patterns intensify. Its natural qualities will ensure you no other home in the world will look exactly like your floor. That's why going for hardwood material is a great investment.

Now that the advantages of both flooring materials have been highlighted, you can now decide on one. You should consider style, utility and cost when selecting the best one for your home. Knowing their respective characteristics, choosing between bamboo flooring vs hardwood flooring comes easier.

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