Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Choose Wood Flooring For Your Home?

Making decisions is hard when you're planning renovations. Picking colour schemes, choosing materials and deciding what you want to do with the home can be stressful and cause rifts between family members. Getting the ideal look and design that you're after from a remodeling job is incredibly rewarding, but sometimes the road to get there can be difficult.

When it comes to choosing flooring styles, there are plenty of options to suit different rooms and different decors. If you're interested in a renovation that increases property value, adds style and class to any home and one that will last a lifetime, look into hardwood floors for your property. These are just some of the reasons that people choose wood floors over others for their home renovations.


Carpet and linoleum might be the cheaper option but it can wear easily, needing replacement every few years, while wooden flooring lasts and ages well. The quality and longevity is reflected in the value that hardwood floors add to a home; buyers look at wood flooring and take note. Added expense puts many people off, but the cost is easily negated with what the floors can add to a home's value.

Long Lasting Quality and Style

Patterns and colours go out of style every time a new design magazine is published, but good wooden floors tend to suit nearly every type of decor. If you decide to repaint you won't need to pull up the carpets to match and you won't find yourself looking at the flooring timber you chose in disdain in a few years because the pattern is no longer in style.

Wooden flooring is a durable option too. If you have kids running around, you entertain a lot or you have pets, main areas in the house can quickly suffer damage. Hardwood should never have to be replaced; with some rudimentary care and maintenance, you can see that your floors last a lifetime.


Some people think that all wood flooring comes the same, but with dozens of different types of timbers and numerous different styles of finish and polish that you can choose from, there's a wood to suit every taste. Spend some time browsing through the different species, their look and their characteristics. Stronger, more resilient woods like jarrah are ideal for high traffic rooms in the house while oak, matai and other species might be better suited for bedrooms and as finishings.

Wood is a fantastic flooring option that you should give consideration to during your home renovations. Avoid cheap flooring, inexpensive carpets and tacky linoleum in the home - invest in a quality wood floor that lasts a lifetime and adds value and style to your property.

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