Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tile Vs Vinyl Flooring: The Pros and Cons of Each

Having a good floor will get the home to look great, presentable and livable. Great floors are easy to clean, safe for residents and pets and help in keeping the home livable, especially in extreme weather. Both Tile and vinyl floors are great for homes, yet they are different, with each having its benefits and disadvantages versus the other.
Vinyl flooring
Vinyl was invented back in the 1930's and has been around since. It is a favorite with home owners as it offers a low cots and affordable flooring material that is water-resistant. Use of vinyl flooring has several advantages to users. One of these is the ability to come up with a wide variety of colors and patterns. Opportunities presented here are endless. Customers have a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from. This results from the combination of composite and solid vinyl to come up with a wide variety of random and unique patterns.
Vinyl can also be printed and the printed vinyl types are even more versatile. The patterns that can be formed out of these are amazing and impressive. They include varied patterns such as the natural looks of hardwood, stone and all other materials. It is possible to even mix different vinyl material facades so as to create an impressive floor. When compared to other forms of flooring tiles, vinyl is a lot cheaper and more affordable. It is cheaper than ceramic tiles, tile flooring, porcelain and even stone. There is little or nor demolition required to floor a home with vinyl tiles especially if using the Pell and stick vinyl tile. It can be easily installed and is much easier to replace.
The disadvantages of vinyl include the fact that it is not as attractive and as decorative as other floor tiles. It is also not as durable as other flooring types. It is also not suitable for use in exterior applications.
Tile flooring
Ceramic tiles are among the more common types of floor tiles available to homeowners. They have certain advantages and benefits and this is why they are a popular choice in many homes. Ceramics offer customers a wide choice of colors and patterns, making it an ideal decorative flooring option. These tiles can be used indoors while porcelain tiles can be used outdoors as well. It is highly resistant to water and can last a long time. Disadvantages of tiled floors include the fact that they can be very cold, especially during the months of winter. Most objects that fall on this surface will shatter because of its hard nature.
Vinyl or tile floor has always been a popular choice in many rooms of a house, if not the entire house. Today's consumers have become more demanding when it comes to certain pros and cons of a floor. Finding a floor that is compatible with a person's lifestyle along with comfort has become increasingly popular in demand.

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