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5 Best Laminate Flooring Trends of 2012

Every home remodeling starts begins with a first step. I am big fan of laminate flooring and today I would like to introduce you to the Best Laminate Flooring Trends of 2012! From traditional to rustic, laminate floor satisfies the taste for flooring as unique as you are. So get ready for an adventure as I show you the hottest, most popular flooring trends for this year. And I hope that by browsing through featured floor collections, you will be inspired to take the first step in your home remodeling journey.
Recently, many hot trends in the flooring market have arisen;
Trend #1: The French Bleed Floors
This style is incredibly popular right now. A very rustic, classy trend, where each board has darkened edges to provide a contrast to the floors natural color, and highlight each plank. The French Bleed floors have a very elegant and sophisticated look. Usually offered in narrow 5" wide planks with micro-beveled edges for ultra natural look of the hardwood floor.
Some floors with the French Bleed finish I suggest are three colors in the Belmont collection in:
  • Antique Bronze
  • Burgundy
  • Saddle
If you have contemplated updating the flooring in your home, a French Bleed floor maybe exactly what you are looking for offering style, affordability, and durability. And, as always with laminate floor-a light sweep, damp mop, or an occasional light vacuum; and your French Bleed floors will be good to go.
Trend #2: Dark Floors with Handscraped Finish
The Handscraped finish is perfectly imperfect! Literally, the floor is replicating hand sculpted hardwood, and many broad and shallow grooves are created to give it a more natural, deep and rich texture. Each plank is different, and when installed, the floor looks very earthy and natural. The hand scraped finish is popular, but when it is applied on dark colored floors, it is the best of both worlds. The darkness of floor creates a luxurious look, and the hand scraped finish adds a rustic touch. Handscraped decors are considered as a "premium floor" and in most cases comes with premium heavy-durability, 12mm (1/2")thickness and ultra natural 4-sided beveled edges.
Here are just few stunning Dark Handscraped finished floors I really like:
  • Quick-Step Arte in Versailles Dark -in stunning wood inlay design
  • Kronoswiss in Noce Rubio
  • Quick-Step Sculptique in Black Cherry
  • Mannington Restoration Historic Oak in Charcoal
Trend #3: Piano High Gloss Finish
The Piano high gloss finish is ultra chic and fabulous. The name doesn't lie, the Piano High Gloss Finish literally has the high gloss and glowing finish of a grand piano. Recently, it has become one of the hottest trends in the flooring world. Piano finished floors have the clearest detail, and look so realistic and rich that they could be mistaken for hardwood. Piano High Gloss Finish floors can add that much needed 'spark' to any space. In most cases this floor style comes in narrow 5" wide plank with micro beveled edges to highlight natural wood look.
Here are popular piano high gloss finished collections:
  • Armstrong Grand Illusions - selection 12 stunning decors
  • Bruce Park Avenue - available in 6 chic colors
  • Diamond Living Collection- featuring great decors and commercial AC4 durability
Trend #4: Earthy Toned Floors
In this crazy fast-paced world we are living in, sometimes we forget about nature. It is evident that home owners around the world have noticed because floors in earthy, natural tones have become popular everywhere. Soft, natural looking colors are a perfect fit for any space, and will provide a calm and serene look.
Some earthy toned laminates worth looking into are:
  • Mannington Restoration Collection - I love all the seven colors from this collection!
  • Quick-Step Modello in Smoky Rustic Oak
  • Kronopol in Applewood
  • Alloc Original in Antique Oak
  • Inhaus Urban Loft in California Rosewood
Trend #5: Coastal / White Washed Tones
Don't we all want to go on vacation? Now? Consumers world wide have been recently bringing that 'vacation-feel' into their home with coastal white washed floors. This new trend creates a rustic 'beachy' feel, and makes any space feel like a paradise. The white washed finish allows some wood grain and texture to show through, but remains mostly white to give a room a very fresh and clean feel.
Some of my favorite coastal inspired decors:
  • Kronoswiss Noblesse in Oristano Oak- the whites floor is ever seen!
  • Kronopol in Oak NarvikPergo Accolade in Bleached Pine
  • Armstrong White Wash Walnut- warm and exotic
  • Inhaus Urban Loft in Whitewashed Oaksimply one-of-the-kind!
Now that you're familiar with all the hot new 2012 flooring trends, picking the right floor might be easier. There is a floor for everyone! Now let your imagination run wild throughout the house-you will be

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