Saturday, July 21, 2012

Is Bamboo Flooring A Good Fit For Your Family?

When choosing new flooring for you home, you have to take a lot of things into consideration. For one you have to think about your family and what type of flooring best suits your needs. Do you need some that is durable and strong? Some type of foundation that has allergen control? Or perhaps you are simply looking for the most cost-effective flooring? Whatever your needs may be you may want to think about giving bamboo a try!

Bamboo is a type of flooring that is manufactured from, you guessed it, the bamboo plant! Most of the world's bamboo is found in China, so most of the bamboo flooring on the market today will come from Asia. This is an attractive flooring for me people because it has a lot of benefits to it, and I will mention some of them here today.

The first benefit of bamboo flooring is the sheer durability of it. Bamboo floor manufacturers and sellers will often times promote this product to customers who are looking for a flooring option with a lot of strength and durability. This is also a great flooring that is resistant to insects and most importantly, moisture! Moisture is a huge concern when owning hardwood flooring, so to have the concern removed is priceless.

This is also a flooring that is very eco-friendly so that is a big plus for people looking to "go green" or have a flooring that does not take away from or harm the environment. The hardness of flooring ranges from 1180 to around 1380 and different forms of this flooring exist. The manufacturing process of the flooring differs based on the economy in the region it is being produced and preferences of the buyer.

The most common form of bamboo flooring is the use of thin bamboo stems. These thin stems are cut as flat as possible and this is the most popular choice of flooring in southeast Asia. Once the thin stems are cut as flat as possible, they are cut to similar lengths and typically stained and varnished. They can also be used as is without any staining or varnishing.

When thinking about bamboo flooring you have a lot of different choices between the way the flooring is cut, the color of the flooring and the durability level. Another great feature to bamboo is the price! It is relatively low and a great investment of a lifetime.

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