Saturday, June 30, 2012

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring has numerous advantages, it is made from bamboo which is a greass meaning the material is renewable, strong and retains temperatures to keep your home cool or warm. Bamboo is nothing short of an extraordinary resource. More households are using bamboo to add chic flair and an eco-touch to their homes.
Long-Lasting Style
Bamboo is naturally strong. Even without added resins to increase strength, bamboo can withstand immense weight and usage. In the wild, different types of bamboo have varying levels of strength, but all are sturdy plants. When turned into flooring it resembles any other wood floor, but some interior designers choose to retain some of the natural-bamboo appearance.
Environmentally Friendly
Bamboo grows quickly. It can still grow even after harvest has begun as long as the rhizome of the plant is intact. Considering that oak, pine and other trees used for flooring take much longer to grow, bamboo is a sound eco-friendly choice. Bamboo also requires less use of pesticides and other chemicals during growing seasons. It is naturally easy to grow without additional chemicals needed. It's superior to other wood in dozens of ways; one of the most significant ways being how low impact it is on the environment.
It's Easy To Clean
Dust mops are quick and easy for cleaning bamboo. They reach underneath couches, tables, chairs and desks. Using a dust mop on a bamboo floor is faster than a broom on any other type of flooring. A gentle floor cleaner is necessary for wet mopping. Vacuums with a hard-floor setting can be used on bamboo as well. Pets, children and high heels are no match against a solid bamboo floor.
Bamboo Is A Hot Trend
Households are quickly catching on that bamboo floors may be an ideal choice for their homes. It looks great in all rooms of the house, and it comes in different styles. Each room can be tailored to suit your needs. Some people even choose heated bamboo floors for their bathrooms. Bamboo is easily customizable to your needs and desires.
Installation Is Fast
Unlike traditional wood flooring, bamboo does not need to be polished regularly. It has a fast and easy installation that will allow you to stay in your home during the installation process. Many new flooring options require at least one night in a hotel. The speed of installation alone is worth the investment versus other flooring types.
Bamboo floors are an exceptional choice. With all of the benefits this style of flooring offers, it would be hard to pass this style up.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When Laminate Flooring Is Best

Laminate flooring has been popular not only among floor installers, but among customers. Its draw is from its appearance, ease of installation, low price, and many other good qualities. But there are times when you have to choose only laminate, even if you prefer to install hardwood.

As I said, many customers make their choice in favor of laminate because of its low cost. This material is, perhaps, the leader among flooring, with its combination of price and quality. Not too long ago when it appeared on the market, laminate won the lasting popularity among the population in many countries. In addition, year after year, the manufacturers of this material are trying to improve not only its appearance, but also its quality.

These days you can find laminate in your local stores which is difficult to distinguish from the appearance of hardwood. Only with the experienced eye of a specialist (and its price), can you tell that what is in front of you is a completely different material. However, other than the attraction to laminate's low price and appearance, it will never have the qualities of natural wood.

In choosing the material for the flooring in your house, I recommend learning the useful properties of laminate, because sometimes it can be the only material which is available for installation in your home.

Due to the fact that many varieties of wood quickly react to moisture and dryness, laminate will be the best material for temperature changes and moisture level. It is not afraid of deep-lying underground water in your home, "feeling fine" in the basements of houses and homes located in hot and humid climates.

Where and when can you see the benefits of laminate? Because of its laminated surface, this material is strong enough, and is able to endure heavy traffic from people. It can be installed in offices, dance floors, shops, and houses with a lot of living going on in them.

If you have any pets - cats and dogs, the best material for your home is laminate. Not even the strongest kind of hardwood can withstand the claws of animals. Of course, laminate also gets scratched, but the scratches will be less noticeable than on a wooden floor. Also, if your laminate takes on too many scratches, you can replace it with another floor cheaply, and quickly.

If you are concerned about the health of your family members, professional floor installers recommend you install hardwood in your house. What if your carpet is creating allergies for your wife or child, and you have no money to install hardwood? In this case, laminate comes to your aid.

If your choice was to laminate, you will find in your local stores, a large selection of this material not only of good quality but also in color. In addition, laminate is the material that is available for homeowners' self-installation.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flooring Suggestions for Every Stage Of Life by Shaw Floors

When choosing a new floor it is beneficial to look at the stage of life you are in. Different lifestyles say a lot about what type of flooring you prefer for your home. Younger homeowners may be interested in a more design focused floor like patterned carpet or a vibrant area rug. Families could look for more durable flooring like hand scraped hardwood or tile which offers easy maintenance and can withstand an active lifestyles. Finally homeowners whose kids have moved out might be interested in creating a show place and opt for a finely finished hardwood or intricate tile design. No matter the stage of life Shaw Floors offers a variety of flooring to fit them all.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Carpet Cleaning Tips by Shaw Floors

Maintaining clean carpet can seem difficult but when following a few Shaw Floors cleaning tips it doesn't have to be. One tip is to lay down a door mat, an easy fix to keeping dirt and soil from getting on carpets. Another key tip is to vacuum regularly and get carpets professionally cleaned every 6-24 months. Finally it is important to pay prompt attention to stains and remove them in the appropriate manner - blot never rub or scrub spills. We recommend using a product like Shaw's R2X Stain and Soil Remover for spot cleaning to provide easier stain removal.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Selecting the Right Hardwood Flooring for Your Home

Hardwood flooring has become increasingly popular over the last decade, both because of its sophisticated look, and because they are a healthier alternative to carpets. They make a classic addition to any home. With the many choices available, how do you select the one that is right for you and your home? Not all wood floors are created equal: here is some general information on the different types.
· Maple: This is generally a light-coloured wood, and is resistant to scratches and dents. The grain pattern is a bit more subtle than other types of wood. Maple does not take to dark stain very well, it makes it look blotchy. Also, it can tend to look yellow over time. It is well suited for kitchens, hallways, bedrooms and living areas.
· Bamboo: These are made by soaking each individual strand into a binder and then pressing together with high pressure. This results in planks that are just as hard as oak. It is normally a light colour, to allow the fibrous grains to show through. They are versatile and will last for many years. They are suitable in almost any room in your home.
· Solid Oak: This is one of the hardest and most popular types of hardwood. It can be light or dark, and has very distinctive grain patterns. Solid oak, and red oak in particular, tends to resist dents better than some of the other types. This is an important consideration if you are not planning on using any area rugs. It is best suited for hallways, living areas, bedrooms and other high traffic areas.
· Pine: Technically, pine is not a hardwood, it is a softwood variety. Its hardness will vary depending on the type you select. Antique Heart Pine is the most popular type used for flooring, and has a natural golden-reddish tint. It is considered a character wood, meaning it has natural knots and grooves, which only adds to its charm. These are not usually stained; they are only treated with a top-coat.
There are many other types as well of course, but these are among the most popular, and the most economical. Before making your final decision, think about your overall d├ęcor and whether or not you are going to be using area rugs to compliment the floors. You need to take into consideration the look of the whole room, accessories and all. Also, decide on whether you prefer a darker or lighter stain to match with other furnishings.

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Friday, June 15, 2012

Find the Right Floor for Your Pets

For more than half of U.S. households, pets are part of the family. Most commonly, dogs and cats are the animals we find sharing homes with humans all across the country. While your pets may be housebroken, damages from the occasional accident and the increased paw-traffic could wreak havoc on some types of floors. As the pet population has grown, so have pet-friendly flooring choices. No matter which style of interior decor suites your eye, there are durable flooring choices available.
Laminate flooring has come a long way in replicating popular flooring styles like hardwoods, stone, and ceramic tile. The style choices are numerous, and the quality in appearance can be astoundingly realistic. When pets are a part of your flooring purchase decision, do not neglect to look at laminate flooring. The laminated finish is extremely durable and highly water resistant. The resistance to staining, scratching and warping is tough to beat.
Vinyl flooring has been around even longer than laminate products, and has experienced some dramatic improvements over the last decade or more. Many of us grew up with vinyl flooring in kitchens and bathrooms because it is essentially impervious to moisture. However, the dated patterns and styles that we grew up with are a thing of the past. The styles and colors available today in vinyl flooring products are many and modern. In addition to updated styles, the construction of vinyl flooring products has made great strides as well. The strength and durability of sheet vinyl products have improved and new forms of vinyl flooring have emerged such as vinyl planks and vinyl tiles that mimic hardwood flooring, stone, and ceramics. Vinyl flooring provides the best protection against pet accidents in the home, and the resistance to scratching and gouging are notable as well.
Ceramic Tile and Natural Stone
Stone and ceramics make for excellent flooring choices, though they tend to be a bit more expensive than laminate and vinyl flooring because the installation process is much more involved. Glazed tiles are moisture resistant, making them a good choice for a household that may experience wet or muddy paws and the possibility of an occasional accident. More porous tile may be recommended for a home with pets, though thorough and routine sealing of the surfaces must be done to prevent absorption and discoloration. If grout is used between the tiles, it also must be sealed to prevent staining.
Many homeowners with pets do choose hardwood flooring and this can be a viable option. When choosing hardwood flooring, it is important to keep pets' nails trimmed to avoid scratching and gouging, and accidents must be cleaned immediately to avoid staining and warping of real wood flooring. The experts at your local specialty flooring shop can evaluate your 2 legged and 4 legged traffic situation at home and make knowledgeable flooring recommendations for your family.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

TrafficMaster with ZipperLock

Kraus' Zipperlock Technology won't let carpet fiber unravel or zipper.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Carpet Odor Detection Testing and Findings from Shaw Floors

To determine the effectiveness at preventing household odors each of Shaw Floors' carpets undergo odor detection testing. Results from these tests found that not all fiber types perform equally and nylon was the most effective. Another finding was that nylon carpets with the addition of a stain resistent system were better at reducing odors, even more so than carpets said to have an odor reducing component. Overall Shaw's nylon carpets with the R2X Stain & Soil Resistence Treatment performed better than competitors at reducing household odors.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

R2X Stain & Soil Resistance System for Shaw Carpets

The Shaw Floors R2X stain and soil resistence system has proven to be the premier stain and soil treatment within the carpet industry. This patented system offers a variety of benefits, the first being its protection against wicking by providing total fiber coverage from the top to the bottom of the yarn. Another benefit is that it is proven to have continued protection even after a professional cleaning, which can ruin the effectiveness of stain treatments. One other benefit of this system was its ability to offer one of the most consistent odor reducing benefits on the market. Overall carpets treated with the R2X system offer greater carpet protection against household spills and soils while providing easier cleaning.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

What Types of Carpet Are Best for People With Allergies

As anyone with an allergy will know, it can lead to a miserable life. A constantly runny nose, sneezing and general discomfort may not be painful, but they sure can be endlessly frustrating.
So if you're buying a new carpet in the near future you should definitely put some work into considering what type of carpet you should have. Pick the wrong one and your allergies could get worse. But if you pick the right one you'll probably notice they get better whenever you're indoors.
Is it actually worth having carpet if you have allergies?
There is a lot of misinformation on the internet concerning carpets. A lot of people think they are bad to have around if you have allergies because the dust particles tend to get trapped in the fibers.
But compared to a hardwood or laminate floor you're actually going to have a better result and less in the way of allergy symptoms if you have a carpet. You see the carpet fibers grab hold of the dust and trap it. This means most of the dust particles will stay in place in the carpet until you vacuum it. It's worth getting an allergy friendly vacuum cleaner if you can, as this will help pick up even more dust particles from the carpet.
Should you have natural or synthetic fibers?
Synthetic ones are actually better than natural fibers because they tend to repel the dust and dirt the carpet has to cope with. It's also a good idea to stick with a shorter pile if you can. Shorter pile carpets are better for areas of the home that have to cope with a lot of traffic anyway, but they're particularly good in homes where the occupants have to cope with various allergies.
How important is it to maintain the condition of the carpet once it has been installed?
It is important to remember that a new clean carpet will only stay that way if you maintain it properly. Any carpet - regardless of what it is made of and how it is constructed - is capable of picking up dust and dirt over time. If you don't take good care of your carpet you won't be able to enjoy a reduction in your allergy symptoms for very long.
Ideally you should vacuum your carpet as soon as it has been laid, so you pick up any dust or dirt that has been deposited on it through transportation and fitting. Once you've done this you can continue to vacuum it every three or four days - perhaps once at the weekend and once midweek for example. This will ensure the amount of dust and dirt that can permeate the carpet is kept to a minimum - therefore helping to keep your allergy symptoms to a minimum too.
So you can see it does pay dividends to make sure you shop around and do your research before choosing a brand new carpet - especially when you suffer from allergies.

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