Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Best Flooring for Pet Lovers

One of the most valuable features in your home is your flooring. Flooring is an important factor in a person's home. Although most people do, flooring should not be taken for granted. Not only does flooring give great accents and styles to your home it also stands as a foundation to a person's essential need such as walking. Picking a type of flooring is not an agonizing task if you are prepared and take into consideration the many factors you need to take in when picking out your flooring. Being a pet lover is something a person would definitely consider when researching for the type of flooring they will install. You need to think about your Golden Retriever who is your best friend, your adorable but sassy cat, and even you're fluffy bunny.

Although Hardwood flooring is an admired type of flooring for most people it is not the best choice for your home if you have pets. Pet urine can stain the hardwood, leaving awful smells and dark spots in the wood. Even if urine accidents are cleaned up quickly after, the urine may still seep into the wood, causing damage. To remove these stains, you may unfortunately have to go through the trouble of stripping, sanding, and refinishing the floor. It's a hassle if the stain is in a small area but if it's all over the floor, you have to get the entire floor redone. The stain and odor might re-occur because of salt crystals left behind from the urine and it cannot be dissolved. The only thing left is to change the flooring. Hardwood floor is also more prone to scratches and is moisture gatherer. It is very difficult to keep up.

The decent type of flooring that a pet lover would benefit from is Laminate Floors. Laminate is a good type of flooring for pets because it's very scratch resistant when it comes to the surface. It is hard to scratch which is great for your pets that love to run around the house. It is also resistant to urine when wiped up quickly after. Laminate floors are just as beautiful as hardwood. Laminate typically is more low cost than hardwood and is easier to take care of. In addition to laminate superb flooring idea for pet lovers is tile. Similar to laminate tile such as porcelain or ceramic is extremely scratch resistant. It is the best type of flooring against urine and other accidents. The mess is easier to clean up and won't be damaging towards the floor. Sometimes Tile might be hard and uncomfortable for your pets but that's why there are always rugs and pet beds.

Overall it is up to you to decide what flooring you will be installing, after all your pet is not the one who will be putting down the money. But if you're a huge pet lover, you will take into the consideration of what is the best flooring for you and your pet. Take some time to enjoy your pet.

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