Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Reasons to Choose Commercial Carpet When Decorating the Office

Productivity: People work better when they enjoy their place to work. Good commercial carpet creates an atmosphere of professionalism. When employees feel they are coming to work in a professional place, they usually behave more professional. This translates into greater productivity. Carpet also increases productivity because it dampens sounds and therefore it is less distracting. Sounds of other conversations in the office, coworkers on the phone, people walking around and other types of noise can be very distracting. Carpet has better sound dampening qualities than any other flooring option and therefore, it helps people concentrate which in turn makes them more productive.

Maintenance: Commercial carpet is one of the easiest flooring options to maintain. Usually all it takes is regular vacuuming. When heavy wear is expected higher grades of commercial carpet are available to prevent traffic patterns from showing up. Mohawk Commercial Carpet ranks their carpet as moderate, heavy or severe traffic. In addition many companies offer carpet tiles which can easily be replaced if they start to look old or worn. Other flooring options might require more expensive cleaning, including waxing or polishing. Therefore, commercial carpet is often times the easiest option to maintain.

Business Statement: The appearance of your office is as important as your dress, or the appearance of your employees. It makes a statement about your business. A good carpet makes a statement about your business too. Making the right choice for your commercial carpet is important. An attorney does not want to have a carpet that looks like it belongs in a school. However, if a good choice is made your office flooring can make a statement that helps your customers, and employees feel confidence in your business.

People Appeal: Plenty has been said about a good first impression. A clean professional office with an appropriate professional looking carpet, makes a great first impression on customers, potential employees, and even vendors or investors. It is impossible to place a dollar value on this, but it still plays a role in the decision you make on commercial carpet.

Price: Most of the time carpet is the least expensive flooring option available. Not only is the cost per square foot usually less than wood or laminate, but the amount of floor preparation is also less. In old buildings this can be especially important. Many old buildings have floors that are not level or have had lots of different work done over the years. Carpet can usually be laid without a lot of money needing to be spent to fixing up the sub-floor. Price is always an issue, because all businesses are concerned about expenses and return on investment. This is probably the biggest reason that commercial carpet remains so popular in the workplace.

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