Monday, March 26, 2012

Bedrooms and Carpets - A Perfect Match

Every room in a house has its function and for this reason it may be argued that there should be a floor to match. A living room will have lots of use and therefore needs a durable surface. A bathroom or kitchen will benefit from something that is hard-wearing and water-resistant. Ideally it will be slip-proof too.

So what of bedrooms? There is a very good case to be made for carpets being the floor covering of choice in this particular room for the simple reason that this is the room, above any other, where comfort is most important.

After all, it may be reasoned, what could be worse than getting up on a cold day and stepping out onto a chilly floor in bare feet? Many mornings, particularly in wintertime, are chilly, wet, dark and generally unappealing. Those who wish to start the day well may consider it important that the first step they take is a warm one. The same thought may apply to the final step before climbing into bed at night. And the cosiness of a room may be all the more valuable for that lovely weekend lie-in, not least as sooner or later one will have to climb out from under that warm duvet to get some breakfast and walk the dog.

Bedrooms are, by nature, places of warmth and cosiness. At the very least, this is a place to be comfortable, to relax and to settle down to a good night's sleep. For a couple, it is also a place of privacy and intimacy, one where the door can be closed on the outside world. Many would consider that this ambience is far easier to achieve if, beside the nice comfy pillows and warm duvet-there is a lovely, foot-friendly carpet.

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