Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bathroom Flooring Choices

With flooring for a bathroom the main concern is moisture. Bathrooms get heavy traffic as well as a ton of moisture, there's great flooring options to choose from to minimize the damage of any problem that may occur. There are several options that we recommend for bathroom flooring; luxury vinyl tile, sheet vinyl, luxury vinyl planks, ceramic tile, marble, porcelain tile etc. Hardwood and laminate are not recommended for a bathroom due to their sensitivity to moisture.


Sheet vinyl is a great product for your bathroom floor. This is the best option when it comes to water resistance for your bathroom. It's also not going to be too cold to walk on for getting out of the shower and cold days. Comfort is a good characteristic when considering a sheet vinyl floor. Fiberglass backs are also available for vinyl sheets that make this floor even more comforting. Armstrong Cushion Step and Mannington Sobella offer a great variety with their stone, tile, and wood looks. Linoleum is another excellent option due to its solid color selections.

Another great vinyl choice is luxury vinyl tiles and luxury vinyl wood planks. Luxury vinyl tiles bring out a tile or ceramic marble look without some of the characteristics that people don't like about tile. Armstrong Alterna and Congoleum Duraceramic are great options for a vinyl that will be good under foot, you will also have the option of with or without grout and still be a moisture resistant surface. Sheet vinyl is the best for moisture due to the fact that vinyl tiles still have the possibility of allowing moisture to get to the sub floor. If your floor is installed correctly then moisture to the sub floor will not be an issue. The design aspect to these products is the best of your selections due to being able to mix and match wood products and tile products as well as colors.

Stone, Ceramic, and Porcelain

These floors are another excellent choice for your bathroom floor. Stone, Ceramic, and Porcelain are extremely durable and excellent against moisture. Ceramic along with other tiles are great to décor around, so from a designers perspective this is a great choice. Some of the drawbacks for tile are clean ability, coldness under foot, and hardness. We tend to spend most of our time in the bathroom on our feet so comfort is not the best with a tile floor.

Vinyl Products, Stone, Ceramic, and Porcelain are all floors that are a good selection for your bathroom. Be sure to take into mind the positive and negative characteristics when choosing the right floor for your bathroom. Remember that moisture is a key factor for a bathroom. The other factors are all on what you value more, comfort or style.

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