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12 Things to Avoid For Your Next Flooring Project

Not Working with an Expert
Choosing a floor is a lot more than just picking one and having someone install it. Just like anything else there is a right and wrong way to get your flooring project done. Whether your doing it yourself or hiring a contractor seek expert advice. First off, make sure to choose a contractor with experience and a proven reputation. Working with an expert will save you money not only in the product you want, but the installation process as well.
Be sure to set aside the proper amount of time to educate yourself on the options that are available to you. Poor planning will cause you to rush into a decision and inevitably cost you money. Allow yourself time to choose the best floor for your lifestyle and budget. Getting a rough cost estimate will help you to choose the correct floor for you.
Skimping in the Beginning
Play close attention to the tricky adds that company's have because it will end up costing you in the end. If the price seems too good to be true then it probably is, and expect hidden costs in the end. In flooring what you pay for is what you get, so going with the cheapest route is not recommended. People that hire the cheapest contractors and look for the easy way out, usually end up paying more in the end. Get a few estimates to compare prices, and do not be afraid to upgrade your floor because you will be satisfied in the long run.
Unrealistic Expectations
Getting a new floor is very luxurious and refreshing, but it's important to be realistic about how it will perform. When it comes to flooring there are many options, the durability of each floor varies so being properly educated is vital. The floor is going to dent, scratch, stain, amongst a many things that happen over the life of a floor. Be sure to be educated on what to expect so you will be satisfied with your purchase.
Not Getting Feedback From Friends and Family
Shopping for a floor is not easy and can be overwhelming. It's always good to have some help for a second opinion from someone you know. Today many websites will allow you to share with friends. Utilize these assets and get numerous opinions.
Not Hiring a Licensed Flooring Contractor
Considering the way the economy is this is a very important one. Just about everyone is installing floors these days and it is ruining the industry. Hire a flooring contractor, emphasis on FLOORING contractor. If you're paying someone to do your flooring project make sure to hire someone that does flooring everyday. Not someone who does cabinets one day, frames the next, and also does floors on the side. Make sure that his license, insurance, and workers comp is up to date. Doing this will ensure you a quality product.
Not Understanding the Work that Needs to be Done on Your Project
Remember that you are under construction. Putting in a floor is a minor construction project, but it is important to remember that you will be inconvenienced. It is important to plan installation when you will not need your house or when you have other projects at the same time. Be sure to work hand in hand with your contractor to know what kind of situation you will be dealing with. Get the answers to questions such as how long is it going to take, will there be dust, and can I live at home during the process.
Fighting the Additional
Unfortunately there may be additional charges when dealing with installing a floor. Understand that even the most experienced contractors cannot see what is underneath your floor. They do not know much about the floor until they open up and tear out the existing one. How do you prevent getting overcharged with additional? It goes back to working with your contractor. A good contractor will let you know about the possible additional and give you a rough estimate if one should occur. Read your contract thoroughly to avoid a contractor overcharging you. Unfortunately these kind of contractors do exist.
Lack of Attention to Detail
The flooring material is just part of the project to make it look good. Don't forget about the accessories and other detail. Freshly painted baseboard really enhances the look of the floor. Area rugs complete a room and warm it up immediately. Make sure to pay attention to other details, it's not just about the floor.
Pushing your Contractor
When planning your timeline for the project to allow time for error. It is your contractor's job to give accurate installation time estimates. Don't try to rush the project to meet a precise timeline. Installing floors is a craft and sometimes errors will occur along the way. There is always a chance of unforeseen problems, plan for it.
Not Knowing How to Properly Care for Your Floor
In order to get maximum performance and lifetime you must know how to take care of your floor. All it can take is a chair with no felt tips or a high heel to scratch up your new wood floor. Preventive maintenance is necessary to avoid more serious events. The company of your floor should provide you with the information needed, if not then call them and find out.
Who Are You Going to Call?
Research your local laws and regulations for contractor warranty. See if your contractor offers more than the minimum requirement. Find out who you will contact if the floor has a problem, find out if you contact the company or the actual manufacture. If you ever have to file a claim this is very important.

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