Friday, March 2, 2012

10 Benefits of Cork Flooring

1. Natural Comfort - Without distorting the surface of the floor, cork can compress up to half its size. This causes a natural cushioning. Not only does this make this floor soft under foot, it's also impact resistant. This will be a safe floor for your children and goes a long way to supporting those achy joints.
2. Noise Control - The multi cellular surface of cork makes for a poor sound conductor. This surface is ideal for people that want to minimize sound in a room.
3. Insulation - The multi cellular surface of cork traps air pockets which makes it a natural insulator. This causes the room with this floor to be warm in cold weather along with cool in hot weather.
4. Moisture Resistance- Cork Oak has suberin which is produced by plants to prevent moisture from penetrating its tissues. This causes the product cork to be a natural moisture resister.
5. Unique Design- Cork is made as a conversation piece so no two tiles are the same. Each floor is unique with much character.
6. Eco-friendly- Cork is a completely renewable source and the tiles are made from whatever is left over from cork stopper processing. The bark of the tree Quercas Suber is peeled every 9 years and does not harm the tree at all. All that is leftover from the cork processing is then sliced and baked for durability.
7. Easy Installation- Cork can be installed easy with a cork lock system. One of the major benefits to this installation is that cork tiles can be easily cut to adjust to any wall or shape that may present itself. The fact that they are more compressible allows the floor to be more forgiving when it comes to installation.
8. Versatile Floor- Because of the way it's processed, cork flooring didn't have many natural tones. Even though the floors are still attractive, not having much variety limited the popularity of the product. Manufactures have now become more sophisticated in the process of making these floors, now dye is added to the floor to add multiple colors and designs. Cork flooring now has a wide range of looks for a customer to choose from.
9. Durability- Due to the compression of the product, durability is not an issue. The floor will naturally recover from heels or furniture damage.
10. Easy Repairs- With cork flooring's design minor scratches or damages are not noticeable. Minor divots can be filled with an epoxy and varnished to match the rest of the floor. For more serious damages, each tile can be pulled up and replaced. Although this task is not easy it is manageable.

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