Monday, January 9, 2012

Is Laminate Flooring the Best Choice For Kitchens?

Kitchens can be messy places, especially if children and/or pets are present in a home. A place designed for food preparation and consumption requires durable, dent resistant and spill proof flooring. Although there are several options available, laminate flooring is a wise choice for homeowners interested in a budget friendly option that looks good and is easy to install. Since styles vary widely, someone looking for a new kitchen floor is sure to find the patterns and colors that fit their tastes. 
The number one reason laminate flooring is chosen over other types of flooring is because it is easy on the wallet. Considering that a floor is essential to a kitchen, when those on a limited budget need a good floor, they choose laminate over other more costly and frankly, difficult to install options. Hardwood floor costs around 4 times as much and tile flooring costs around two times the cost of laminate. 
Another good reason to consider laminate flooring over other types is the aesthetic result. There are a wide variety of looks available, from stone to wood grain to patterns. There are flat options, textured options, glossy options and matte options. The installed floor always looks good, resists any fading or stains, and is dent resistant. This is important in the kitchen where there is high traffic and a likelihood of food related accidents.
Laminate is also easy to clean and does not require any special treatment. Put simply, it is hassle free. Many wood floors are not supposed to get too wet or the homeowner risks damaging the finish. Considering the uses of a kitchen should negate any such flooring from the running. Easy to mop and clean laminate is the best choice for a spill prone environment. 
Other types of flooring options often require messy and complicated installation. Many homeowners need the services of a professional which further raises cost. The kitchen area is often out of commission for two days or more. Getting laminate flooring is another story entirely since most people, even with no prior experience, are able to install it themselves. Since many laminates have a tongue and groove lock in place system that is much like assembling a puzzle, it is installed with ease. 
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