Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Common Flooring Questions

Q: Is laminate resistant to moisture or water?

Laminates are not recommended to be installed in areas where there is high humidity such as bathrooms or steam rooms. This can cause swelling of the planks. Laminate is very resistant to topical moisture, however, any spills left not cleaned up can cause a reaction to you laminate floor.

Q: Can my laminate floor get scratched?

Just like all other floors laminate floors can scratch too. Laminate does have a very scratch resistant wear surface so it is very durable against scratches. A lot of scratches can be prevented by regular maintenance and making sure furniture is protected. Place protective pads beneath furniture legs and feet to reduce scratches and dents.

Q: How does laminate hold up with pets?

It is recommend to regularly keep your dogs, cats, and other pets nails trimmed. This will help eliminate scratches. If a pet urinates on your floor then it needs to be wiped up immediately and cleaned with a hard surface cleaner.

Q: What is the difference between laminate, engineered and solid wood flooring?

Laminate: pressed particle board with a photograph of wood applied to the surface.

Laminate flooring contains no actual wood. It can be installed almost anywhere, using a click together or glue installation.

Solid: generally a 3/4" thick solid piece of wood. It can be installed on or above grade by a staple or nail down application.

Engineered: flooring made up of layers of real wood veneers. The graining of each layer runs in the opposite direction of the layer above and below it, thus acting as a check and balance system, keeping the wood from expanding or shrinking too far in one direction. Engineered floors are ideal for areas of high humidity or dramatic temperature changes. It can be installed above, on or below grade using glue, nail, staple, or floating applications.

Q: What is the difference between unfinished and prefinished hardwood?

Unfinished hardwood is installed as a raw material and then sanded and finished in place. Prefinished hardwood is finished in the factory and is ready to walk on after installation.

Q: What are edge treatments?

Edge treatments are the finishing detail on top of a hardwood plank. the different types are beveled edge, square edge, mirco beveled edge and pillowed edge.

Beveled edge: distinct definition between each plank.

Square edge: smooth seamless surface

Micro bevel: very subtle distinction between each plank

Pillowed edge: soft contoured edge

Q: Can I use a steam cleaner on my hardwood flooring?

Never use a steam cleaner on a hardwood floor, because it will damage the product and could void your warranty.

Q: Can I wax my hardwood floor?

It is not recommended that you wax your hardwood floor. This can possibly damaged the finish and void your warranty. It will also prevent you from being able to recoat your hardwood floor.

Q: Why do I hear popping sounds when i walk across my hardwood floor?

If your floor was just installed be patient because sometimes the wood is just settling in. If the problem keeps up then it can be for a few reasons: 1) poor subfloor 2) improper installation 3) wrong underlayment.

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