Monday, November 7, 2011

Choosing the Right Carpet Colors For Your Home

Finding a store or flooring company that offers expert installation is a good start since laying a carpet successfully is a lot trickier than it looks. Many flooring companies offer very competitive prices on the service and it is well worth the small extra investment.

Once you have found a flooring company you are comfortable with the real decision making starts. Plush or frieze? Pattern or wool? Texture and brand is a big consideration when shopping for new carpet but the most difficult choice is the color.

If you are standing in a showroom filled with dozens of carpet choices in your chosen texture it can be hard to even begin to figure out which would look best in your home. When choosing a carpet color one of the first things you need to figure out is how you want the room to "feel" to those who might be entering it for the first time.

To add a welcoming sense of warmth to a room such as a smaller living room or den for instance, carpets whose color falls into the "fire family" category tend to work best. These range from yellowy oranges to bluish reds. If, on the other hand, you are going for a sense of cool elegance, water colors - any that might possibly make one think of water - are a perfect choice.

Neutrals and beige colors are a hugely popular choice of course because they can blend in seamlessly with almost any d├ęcor, from the most traditional to trendy and futuristic. The downside is of course that they will stain and show wear far more easily than darker shades so may not be the best color choice for high traffic areas.

How much light a room generally gets can affect carpet color choice as well. In a room that gets very little in the way of natural sunlight choosing a darker carpet color will only add to the sense of gloom bcause it will absorb a great deal of what little light does manage to make its way in. Using a light colored carpet in this situation will, of course, have the opposite effect and actually help brighten the room up, no additional lighting necessary.

When you have narrowed your carpet color choices down to just a few in the showroom, ask the staff for samples of the carpets you are considering so that you can see how they will actually look in the room you are redecorating. The lights in the showroom are probably far brighter than in your house and the color may look completely different when you bring the carpet home.

Almost all good flooring companies have carpet sample squares available and some will even bring them out to your home and offer their expertise to help you make an informed decision about what really works best. Carpeting a room is not a small investment and as with any other home remodeling project seeking help from the experts to get it right for the first time is never a bad idea.

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