Monday, October 17, 2011

Using Cork Flooring in the Bedroom

When it comes to our bedrooms we want a setup that is comforting. This goes with everything from the furniture to the paint and to the floor. The type of flooring you put in your bedroom will be decided between a few things. One, will you have warm or cold floors when you walk on it? Two, will it be comfortable after a long day of hard work? Three, will it be easy to maintain and last a long time? These questions are easily answered by cork flooring, and their answers are ideal.

It's the opinion of this author that cork is the best flooring solution for your bedroom. For starters if you choose this flooring material you'll actually be going green in your household. That's right, cork is an eco-friendly, sustainable resource that is widely available to everyone across the globe. Rest comfortably at night and know your cork floor didn't require clear cutting of forests. However, there are quite a few more benefits to cork than just doing your part to protect the planet.

Cork material is actually a great insulator. The top layer of the flooring tile or plank that you walk on will maintain the current room temperature. This means no cold feet during those cold winter nights when you get up to use the bathroom! The reason that cork is such a great insulator is due to its cellular structure, which is honeycomb shaped. Inside these honeycombs is trapped air, helping prevent the change of temperature from one layer to another.

The same cellular structure that we mentioned above also makes cork very comfortable to walk or lie on. This is because the trapped air in those honeycombs cushions your feet or body when they are on it. Also, this actually adds to the durability of cork flooring. You can actually compress cork material by as much as 50% and not damage it; and amazing watch it return to its original shape.

Cork flooring is also a very beautiful flooring product. The natural shades and color variations of natural cork can rival any other wood based flooring product. So you don't have to worry about the affect cork will have on the d├ęcor of your bedroom. It will give it a more natural, wood-floor look with a warm nature feeling. Cork is also resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, pests and allergens. If you'd like to learn more about using this flooring product in your bedroom then follow the links below.

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