Sunday, October 30, 2011

How Laminate Flooring Could Change Your House

Laminate flooring is an excellent alternative to carpet or vinyl. Comparable in price, it delivers a luxurious feel that is elegant and refined. Easy to clean and simple to install, it should be one of the first options you look at when it's time for new flooring.
Every Room
When you want a different look in the bathroom or kitchen, consider laminate flooring. In addition to being the ideal choice for family rooms, living rooms and bedrooms, its ability to hold up against some water makes it perfect for areas that are prone to spills and splashes. Install it in the dining room for quick and easy clean-up after every meal. Put it in the bathroom to have the look of wood without the worry. Choose it for homes on slabs where installing wood is a major chore. Finally, choose it for basements where you want an upscale look but need something that can withstand the slightly damp environment.
There is a wide range of pricing for laminate flooring, but you can easily find good quality choices that are a very affordable two dollars a square foot. Some businesses will even have special deals where you can get laminate for even less than that. While the higher-end options can easily run five to six dollars a square foot or more, the fact remains that laminate is incredibly affordable. It's the perfect choice when you need new flooring but are facing budget restrictions. An added benefit of laminate is that it can be installed by the average homeowner without having to purchase expensive equipment or rent power tools.
There is an incredible range of colors and styles when it comes to laminate. Choose a deep cherry, warm honey or the look of stone for a contemporary decor. Stay traditional with the look of welcoming oak or make the home feel more luxurious with laminate that mimics exotic woods like Brazilian hickory or Hawaiian Koa. Whether you love the raised feel of a heavy grain or prefer pieces that are smooth to the touch, you can find exactly what you're looking for with laminate.
Easy Installation
Installing laminate is easy thanks to the click-lock application of most brands. Pieces are laid in place, snapped together and then left alone for the small glue strip to cure. A basic saw is needed for cutting the pieces, although a power miter saw is the ideal choice for this. Other tools required include a mallet, shims to maintain spacing along the walls, tape measure and a pull bar.
Low Maintenance
Laminate is known for being easy to clean. It's not prone to staining or tearing, so clean-up is usually as simple as sweeping the floor and then damp mopping it. Ideal for people with allergies, it's considered a step up from linoleum.
Laminate flooring is not slick like tile, nor is it cold like tile can be. It won't stain like carpet or rip like linoleum. Providing you with the great look of wood without any of the problems or expense, laminate is the perfect choice for most homes.
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Keeping Carpets Clean With Pets

Pet owners understand the ongoing effort it takes to keep a home clean when there are animals roaming around. Whether you have dogs, cats or guinea pigs, pets add a considerable amount of work to the maintenance of cleanliness in a house. First there are the essential tasks like keeping your pets clean to begin with. Then there are important regular jobs like carpet cleaning, vacuuming and brushing your surfaces and floors that will help to keep your house free from pet dander and hair.

Keeping your pets clean is the first thing to take of. Regular bathing and even more regular brushing will ensure that their skin and coat remain clean. Brushing will remove a lot of the hair that will otherwise be shed around the home. A clean pet will also minimise the pet smell that usually lingers in a house with pets.

Secondly is acting quickly when the animal has an accident or vomits on your floors. If you have carpet or rugs, ensure you remove the mess immediately. Treat the stain straight away to prevent smells and stains. If the animal rubs up against the furniture and leaves hair behind, make sure you have a lint brush or roller and remove the hair right away. The sooner you get to it, the easier it will come off.

A good trick to get rid of this hair is to wrap a piece of masking tape around your hand, with the sticky side facing out. Then, armed with your make-shift hair lifter, you can go around to all surfaces that come in contact with your pet and rub your sticky hand over the surface. This would work on getting fine hairs off furniture and hard surfaces like wood and benches and it also works a treat on soft furnishing like couches and curtains. There is no messy clean up after wards, simply take the tape off and put it in the bin.

Carpeted floor and rugs are the biggest challenge for pet owners. Keeping carpets clean when you have cats and dogs running around is a constant battle. Whether it's cleaning up after accidents or just keeping on top of shedding fur, carpet care is essential for any pet owner.

If you don't already have one, buy a vacuum cleaner with a specially designed head that will target pet hair. There are many brands on the market that offer special heads to clip on your vacuum cleaner and these tools will effectively loosen, lift and remove pet hair.

The final step in keeping clean carpets with pets in the home is to get the carpets regularly cleaned by professionals. Steam carpet cleaning is the only way to thoroughly clean carpets of pet owners. Steam cleaning provides the deepest of cleans and the best results and will dissolve and remove the toughest stains and odours that are often a problem when there are pets in the home. Whether there have been toilet accidents, which are actually easier to clean up, or vomits which are the toughest to clean without professional help due to the caustic effects of stomach acids, professional carpet cleaning is the only way to ensure clean, hygienic carpets in a home where pets live.

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Monday, October 24, 2011

5 Reasons For Choosing Hardwood Flooring

There was a time when tiles were a trendsetter in the flooring of a house. In fact, tile flooring was the choice of many people around the globe. But in recent years, the tastes of people have changed tremendously, and today there is a preference for hardwood flooring.

Why Choose Hardwood Floors

1. It's Healthy - Wooden flooring is a completely biodegradable product as it is a natural one. These types of floors do not allow dust mites, dirt and other pollutants normally found in carpeting, as there is no place for them to hide. With the advancement of technology, waterborne products have been developed which give quick, safe and odorless options to homeowners who plan projects with a hardwood finishing.

2. It's Affordable - Wooden flooring is a life time product and adds value to your home. As your home increases in value, so does your investment, and with simple and proper maintenance, this home improvement increases the longevity of your home. This is the reason why wooden flooring is the most popular and preferable choice for new home construction or remodeling.

3. It Offers Lots Of Variety And Selection - Technological advancement in recent years in stains, manufacturing and finishes has resulted in wooden flooring that comes in many colors, sizes, finishes, styles and materials. These different choices, resulting in undoubtedly lifelong lasting products, can give style to your home or office, making it worthy of compliments.

4. It's Ecologically Sound - Wooden flooring comes from a sustainable natural resource. The days are gone when timber was cut down for different human needs with hardly any thought of the consequences in the long run about destroying forests. In recent years, timber is now cut down from carefully managed forests which ensure continuation of these resources in the coming days ahead. As a result, almost double the amount of timber is added every year by way of new growth, which was not the case some 50 years ago.

5. It's Easy to Maintain - Routine maintenance is nothing but a little more than mere sweeping and vacuuming. Preventive maintenance like floor protectors on all the furniture that is on your hardwood floors, using area rugs and keeping up with regular floor cleaning for routine maintenance should be regularly exercised.

Some of the commonly used woods for this kind of flooring include American cherry, Australian cypress, Bamboo, Beech, Birch, Brazilian cherry, Brazilian walnut, Cedar, Cork, Douglas fir, Heart pine, Hickory/pecan, Maple, Mesquite, Oak (red), Oak (white), Pine, Teak, Walnut. Some of the popular wood flooring companies guide their customers in selecting their choice of wood by giving free quotes, in which all related maintenance and installation information is included.

Knowing more about wooden flooring is much easier with the internet, where you can browse through the different sites to review the different options and pricing that are available as well as check out installation and other servicing options. So, opt for wooden flooring and experience a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle that is sure to last for many years.

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Other Services Provided By All Size Flooring Center

ALL SIZE is a complete retail flooring center for all your Commercial and Residential needs.

• Carpet
• Laminate
• Vinyl
• Tile
• Hardwood
• Green Products
• Carpet Remnant Dealer
• Full Installations
• Repairs/Restretches
• In-house Carpet Binding
• Carpet Cleaning

Full Installations
• Licensed Contractor - License #883290
• Bonded and Insured
• Quality Service Every Time
• 1 year Warranty on all Installations
• Can move furniture for an extra charge - call for details
• Many installers standing by for fast reliable installation
• Free Estimates
• IICRC Certified

Carpet Binding
Creating an area rug out of any of your favorite carpet by finishing the edges professionally.
Why choose it?
You can put carpet in any room, regardless of surface. It warms up an area or makes a room more comfortable.

Repairs & Restretches
• Free estimates
• We review your carpets condtion
• We will let you know if it's more cost effective to repair or replace your carpet.
• We will ensure you get the best value for your money.
• We can repair many problems with your own carpet.

ALL SIZE Flooring Center & Carpet Cleaning
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Monday, October 17, 2011

Using Cork Flooring in the Bedroom

When it comes to our bedrooms we want a setup that is comforting. This goes with everything from the furniture to the paint and to the floor. The type of flooring you put in your bedroom will be decided between a few things. One, will you have warm or cold floors when you walk on it? Two, will it be comfortable after a long day of hard work? Three, will it be easy to maintain and last a long time? These questions are easily answered by cork flooring, and their answers are ideal.

It's the opinion of this author that cork is the best flooring solution for your bedroom. For starters if you choose this flooring material you'll actually be going green in your household. That's right, cork is an eco-friendly, sustainable resource that is widely available to everyone across the globe. Rest comfortably at night and know your cork floor didn't require clear cutting of forests. However, there are quite a few more benefits to cork than just doing your part to protect the planet.

Cork material is actually a great insulator. The top layer of the flooring tile or plank that you walk on will maintain the current room temperature. This means no cold feet during those cold winter nights when you get up to use the bathroom! The reason that cork is such a great insulator is due to its cellular structure, which is honeycomb shaped. Inside these honeycombs is trapped air, helping prevent the change of temperature from one layer to another.

The same cellular structure that we mentioned above also makes cork very comfortable to walk or lie on. This is because the trapped air in those honeycombs cushions your feet or body when they are on it. Also, this actually adds to the durability of cork flooring. You can actually compress cork material by as much as 50% and not damage it; and amazing watch it return to its original shape.

Cork flooring is also a very beautiful flooring product. The natural shades and color variations of natural cork can rival any other wood based flooring product. So you don't have to worry about the affect cork will have on the décor of your bedroom. It will give it a more natural, wood-floor look with a warm nature feeling. Cork is also resistant to mold, mildew, moisture, pests and allergens. If you'd like to learn more about using this flooring product in your bedroom then follow the links below.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Best Flooring Options for Your Home: Carpet, Laminate, and Hardwood Installation Pros and Cons

Choosing among all of your floor installation options can be tough. Learn how carpet, hardwood flooring, laminate floors, and even tile installation can benefit your home!

When you're in the market for new flooring, it can be hard to decide what the best type of floor for your home may be. You hear a ton of advertising spiels for carpet, hardwood, laminate, and tile, but finding out which floor materials are best for your specific needs can sometimes be difficult. Here's the short on how different flooring installation options can perform for your home and your particular needs.


Providing both a soft look and feel, carpet is a plush option for your floors. Carpeting can withstand years of light to moderate usage (depending on the style, construction, and fiber) and works great in bedrooms, living rooms, and dens. However, for high traffic areas like foyers and hallways, carpet can often become dingy or worn-down over the years. Carpets also don't make sense for high-moisture areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms because of the risk of water damage, staining, and even mold growth.


Hardwood flooring is a beautiful addition to almost any room of your home. Providing traditional elegance as well as the ability to stand up to traffic, spills, and stains, wood floors are as practical as they are pretty. Although excessive water can damage hardwoods, wood flooring can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms. (Hardwood floors are typically not recommended for bathrooms with showers due to the high humidity situation.) And keep in mind that even after years of traffic and abuse have made your wood floors look lackluster, professional hardwood refinishing service can get them looking like new once again. A supremely long-lasting floor option, wood floors can help keep your home looking great for decades!


Resistant to both moisture and spills, tile installation is a fantastic choice for high-traffic, messy areas of your home. Recommended for laundry rooms, mudrooms, entryways, kitchens, and bathrooms, installing tile creates an attractive floor that's also super easy to clean. Extremely hard impacts like dropped cans or crates can crack tiles, and some types of tile are vulnerable to scratching.


Laminate flooring has become increasingly popular over the last decade or so as the options and quality of this low-cost floor material have improved. A versatile alternative for homeowners who want the look of tile or hardwood but cannot afford the cost, laminate floors mimic the appearance of high-cost flooring at a more reasonable price. Laminate is extremely hard wearing, and it can resist staining, scratching, and, to a degree, moisture. However, unlike hardwood, laminate flooring cannot be refinished when years of use have dulled and marred its finish.

This is just a quick comparison of how different flooring materials can work in your home. For additional information or to get a new floor installed in your home, visit your local flooring contractor or dealer today!

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Bamboo Flooring - Durability and Beauty Underfoot

Bamboo flooring might bring to mind a 'shoots and stalks' image of mats and soft flooring, but in reality, bamboo flooring is comparable and even superior to its hardwood counterparts. Used in the Pacific Rim for years, bamboo flooring is rapidly gaining popularity in the Western world not only for its durability but also for its beauty.

There are many advantages of choosing bamboo flooring including:

* Environmentally friendly - Bamboo is a highly renewable and sustainable resource in a world of rapidly depleting resources. Bamboo can be harvested every 3 - 5 years as compared to the 20 - 30 years it takes for hardwood forests to replenish. Bamboo grows easily without the use of pesticides or fertilizers so there is little pollution run-off to affect the groundwater.

* Strength & Resiliency - In Japan, bamboo is used for industrial scaffolding so it's definitely strong enough for your family's flooring needs. It has a high weight to strength ratio and can carry countless times its own weight. Bamboo flooring is as hard as maple and is 50% more stable & harder than Red Oak. According to the USDA, bamboo flooring also tops the list of common wood species in dimensional stability.

* Durability - Especially good for the high-traffic areas of your home or business, bamboo is much more scratch resistant than hardwoods flooring so it needs refinished less frequently. Eventually it will gain a nice patina and will start to warm and meld into a variety of tones and hues. After time, your flooring becomes a gallery of mottled tones that are unique and beautiful.

* Chemical-free - Make sure to ask about the manufacturing process of the bamboo flooring you are purchasing. Most bamboo flooring can be produced without the use of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) as opposed to the chemical-laden process of producing traditional hardwood flooring VOCs are chemical compounds that are carbon based and are in the form of vapor at room temperature. In this case, organic does not mean naturally occurring rather a by-products of man-made substances.

The disadvantages of bamboo flooring are mostly related to good consumerism. One should always take a look at the manufacturing process. There are varying qualities of materials and you should always go for the best you can afford. Always keep in mind that hardness is dependent upon manufacturer and the maturity of the bamboo, and that any bamboo of less than 5 years old growth will be likely not to be hard enough for a long-lasting floor. Experts recommend you avoid the lower priced imported product, under 3$/square foot is usually pretty hit and miss.

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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Hardwood Flooring: Adding Class and Value to Your Home

While decorating your home you don't want to spend your money on something you know is not long lasting. If you want your money well spent you want something you can rely on for several years to come. You also want to add an air of elegance and sophistication to your home. That is something that definitely comes to your mind when you decide to install flooring. Flooring changes the look and the comfort level of a house significantly. There is a huge variety of flooring available on the market these days and hardwood flooring is the top most choice when it comes to quality and looks. It offers a combination of elegance and comfort.

Hardwood flooring is flexible enough to match any décor. You can change the design of your room whenever you want to without thinking of it looking bad. The floor will mold itself according to any set up. If you are planning to sell your home in the near future then this flooring helps you increase the value of your house. It also gives potential buyers less worry about decorating their new home. Studies revealed that homes with hardwood are sold easily and at a higher resale value.

The excellent quality of hardwood appeals to its customers. Hardwood floors can prove to be extremely durable given proper care. It allows multiple refinishing due to its thickness.

Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. General house cleaning methods like mopping, sweeping and vacuuming will help you to keep your floor clean and in tip-top shape. The floor material makes it more stable, warmer and less noisy than its competitors. It is a good choice for people who have allergies to dust or other environmental germs. A hardwood floor has minimal chemical emission levels; a fact which improves the quality of air inside your house.

Hardwood flooring is divided into two categories. Engineered wood flooring has a lower initial cost because it only allows refinishing 1-3 times. This is so because it has a top layer of thin high-quality wood resting on several layers of cheaper wood. Solid wood flooring increases the value of a house more than engineered wood, but both of them are prone to denting and to fading from sunlight. Both of them are not a suitable choice for rooms where there are water spills. Both of these floorings are susceptible to moisture which can cause the wood to swell.

Because of the durability and natural beauty of hardwood floors, they have been admired and used for centuries. Flooring America hardwood come in Beech, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pecan, Birch, Pine, Hickory, Walnut and more. Hardwood flooring is one of those investments that can deliver a lifetime of beauty and durability while at the same time adding value to your home.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

3 Great Reasons For Professional Carpet Cleaning

Why professional carpet cleaning rather than using do-it-yourself machines? It's to your advantage to use qualified cleaning professionals because of their expertise and the fact they use top-line industrial equipment that will help them to do a far better quality job than you're able to do by yourself. The apparatus the experts use have more removal strength as opposed to low-priced home systems, which means your carpeting will be cleaner and dry faster too.

Here are three great reasons to use a professional when it comes to caring for your valuable carpeting

Save Your Expensive Carpet

Professional carpet cleaning is the best choice to help preserve your expensive carpeting. True professionals also understand their equipment, and they are aware of the suitable cleaning agents for each and every circumstance. Professionals know the variations in fibers and construction so your expensive floor coverings never get damaged from a thorough cleaning by a professional cleaner.

If you let the lowest-priced carpet cleaner into your home and onto your carpeting, you may end up with more problems than just dirt.

Keep Your Home Clean

Regular carpet cleaning by a professional is a very important process that will have a large impact on the cleanliness and the healthiness of your home and family. If you don't have your carpets cleaned regularly, dirt and germs will collect over time and these seemingly small irritations can be embedded in the fibers. It's a fact that dirty carpets wear much more quickly that clean ones do.

Remove Stubborn Stains Safely

Removing stains or flood damage is a job for a professional with years of experience, and with knowledge and training designed to make these tasks efficient, effective and safe. Inadequate or non-professional cleaning methods can send the cash you spent on your expensive floor coverings right down the drain,

That's why the cleaning and upkeep of your costly carpeting and rugs is best left to the qualified hands of expert carpet cleaning professionals who are trained to take care of the issues related to cleaning hard-to-remove spots from high-priced materials.

It's important to be sure that the carpet cleaning professionals you choose always use the latest and most technically capable truck mounted cleaning machines. If not - do not let these amateurs into your home!

So, what's the bottom line? Always hire a professional and reputable professional carpet cleaning company that will not damage your fine and expensive carpets, and will always leave you with a clean and a safe home.

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