Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Choose Your Hardwood Flooring

If installing hardwood flooring is part of your remodeling plans, get ready to make some decisions. Because today's hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of types, colors, styles and grades. Ultimately, what kind of wood you choose will likely be determined by your budget. The first thing you should do when installing hardwood flooring is figure out exactly the amount you need and your budget. Once you have your budget in hand, the flooring specialist will be able to direct you to the choices you have.

Another thing to consider when choosing hardwoods is the room it's going in and the basic style of your home. Think about how the room is used. The choice of hardwood flooring for a kitchen or bathroom might be different than your choice in a formal living room or bedroom. Remember that lighter floors show less wear and tear and less dirt than darker floors. Battling dust on a dark wood floor can get extremely tiring in time. For this reason, high traffic areas do well with lighter woods.

However, there is nothing more rich and elegant looking in a formal room than a dark hardwood floor. If your room is less formal, a lighter shade might work better. Your lifestyle and your existing furniture can help you decide which will work best in your home. When you are picking out your hardwoods, you're going to be faced with many decisions, not just color but the type of wood as well as the grade, or quality. Typically, hardwoods such as maple are extremely durable and work best in high traffic areas. However, maple cannot be stained. A higher grade wood usually means its more durable and will have less visual defects.

Hardwoods are rated for different uses. For example, if you want to install a hardwood floor in a kitchen or bathroom, most showrooms will have options that are rated specifically for these uses. A good dealer will help you make the best choices for your home based on your budget and needs. Whether you want a domestic hardwood or something more exotic, you should be given all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Installing hardwood floors is a terrific investment in a home and will help the resale value. Most home buyers want hardwood floors simply because they are considered a high value. No matter what your style is, installing a hardwood floor will add value to your home.

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