Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carpet - A Great Choice For Your Beautiful Home

New carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices today because of low cost, comfort, and use of many colors, patterns, styles and materials. Carpet is produced with woven materials, usually petroleum-based fabric like nylon or olefin that are affixed to an artificial backing, generally with an adhesive. Carpet is installed by stretching out and attaching to wood tack strips that are nailed around the outside of the room or by sticking it to the sub flooring.

The Least Expensive Floor Covering

The installation of new carpet in your own home is frequently the 3rd costliest expenditure that you may make in your home's look and feel and livability, but it can also be the least costly flooring choice.

New carpet may be one of the most durable and enduring investments you may make in your home - provided you give it decent care. With routine cleaning and fundamental upkeep, a reputable carpet may last 20 years - or even more.

Carpet Is For Decorators

New carpet generally is one of the key decorating decisions which a home owner will usually make. The coloring, type and style of carpet which a home owner installs in their home will in the end establish the design scheme of the home.

It's also appreciated for the limitless possibilities in color and design. With hardwood flooring, you're mostly restricted to various shades of natural wood colors. Similarly with natural stone flooring, you're frequently limited to those colors naturally occurring within the rock itself. With carpet, your creativity is really the limit. Carpets are available in virtually any color imaginable, which makes it much easier to match your new floor to your furnishings in addition to the walls and with almost every other accessory in your home. Patterns may also be added to your flooring to incorporate an additional degree of personalization. You can really transform a room's look and feel just by updating the carpet.

Berbers Still Popular - And For Good Reasons

Berber carpets continue to be quite popular because of the ability to combine various contrasting colors into the large loops of the base pile. Berber high end carpeting looks elegant while adding various shades of yarn into the base color. By selecting a foundation color, normally an earth tone, other contrasting colors can draw color schemes within the room out like nothing else. If you are considering a berber, stick with 100% nylon material yarn or wool yarn. These yarns last considerably longer than other combined yarn types found in typical berber carpeting.

Cut Pile - Beautiful and Long Lasting

Cut pile carpets are made by shearing the pile to create a number of tufts. There are actually three specific kinds of cut pile carpets - frieze or trackless, plush and saxony.

Frieze has fibers that are twisted and it's cut in such a way that it diminishes the look of foot tracks. Frieze carpeting is a great option for many high traffic locations in your home. Frieze has a more "casual" appearance as compared to other styles, such as plush.

The so-called Plush carpeting is considered the softest style of cut-pile carpet, but can show tracks easily and it usually holds more dirt, meaning that it may not be ideal for high-traffic areas of your home. Plus has the "formal" appearance that can highlight a formal dining room or a highly decorated living room.This type of carpet is usually a great choice for bedrooms and formal rooms, and other rooms with relatively light traffic.

Finally, saxony has a twist to the fibers, but not as much as frieze and has a more "level" appearance. Saxony can be a good choice for high-traffic areas where a formal look isn't wanted. Saxony styles are great for your finished basement.

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