Friday, September 30, 2011

Everything You Need To Know About Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

When it comes to the flooring in your home, you have a wide range of choices available today. You can go with ceramic tile, or hardwood flooring, but can be on the pricey side. Laminate flooring is more affordable, but is often not as durable as it looks. The most affordable choice all around, is luxury vinyl tile flooring, which combines the best of both worlds when it comes to hardwood and laminate.

The Essential Differences between Laminate and Luxury Vinyl Tile

The first key difference between these two popular styles of flooring is of course, the price. Laminate flooring, depending on the grade, can be quite affordable, but there are styles of luxury vinyl that can be found in most price ranges today, especially if you order through flooring centers that offer pricing packages and discounts. On average, luxury vinyl can be had for anywhere from.99/square foot to $5/square foot.

Where the luxury type has laminate flooring beaten is in its durability. Depending on the brand and style, laminate can be quite durable, but most standards on durability in tiling are also based on the thickness of the material. The majority of luxury vinyl is at least 2 mil., far thicker than the average grade of laminate flooring.

Luxury vinyl Tile also has other qualities that make it a far better choice for most homes, especially in extreme climates, and for use in high traffic areas. Most brands of luxury vinyl Tile come with treatments that make them scratch-resistant, water-proofed, an inhibitor making it proof against mold and mildew, and even some have the added bonus of being extremely hypoallergenic. Laminate cannot say the same.

Easier to Maintain

This type of flooring is also perfect to use in households that have children and pets. The scuff resistance helps you to avoid dealing with a lot of marks on any shade of flooring, and the moisture resistance comes in especially handy with young animals that may not be as house broken as you might wish. Even those styles that simulate the look of other materials, like stone, hardwood flooring and tile can be very easy to clean and maintain, without a whole lot of chemicals to clean them with.

Spills and other accidents are not a problem, because these flooring styles will not absorb moisture, odors and are highly chip resistant. All you need to keep the shine of your luxury vinyl tile looking good is to wet mop it regularly, as well as sweeping or run a dust mop over it from time to time. Unlike laminate flooring and other materials, you will not need to purchase special cleaners, reapply finish solutions, or buff and wax. Easy on the budget and the housework.

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Monday, September 26, 2011

User-Friendly Laminate Floor

Install a click-and-lock laminate floor in your kitchen. This video is part of Don't Sweat It show hosted by Steve Watson .

Friday, September 23, 2011

Eco Spa Flooring

Cork is the perfect eco choice of flooring for this spa bathroom remodel. This video is part of Red Hot and Green show hosted by Carter Oosterhouse . SHOW DESCRIPTION :Green design takes center stage when host Carter Oosterhouse, teams up with designer Nicole Facciuto. Watch as they transform plain rooms into sizzling spaces with eco-friendly flair.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laminate Flooring Advantages


Because it's designed with a tough and durable wear layer, laminate flooring is much stronger than most installed solid hardwood flooring, carpets and vinyls, it's more resistant to scratches than softer surfaces (solid hardwood floors for eg.) and is one of the best choices for households with heavy foot traffic, kids, or pets. But, best of all, laminates will look like new for years.


Laminates are highly resistant to stains, fading and moisture and many laminate flooring manufacturers offer warranty protection against them for a long period of time (usually from 10 to 25 years).

Ease of installation

The top brands of laminate flooring have developed a glueless floating floor installation process. They just need to be cut, clicked together and are ready for walking or even placing heavy things, like furniture, on them. Most professional installers could do it in a couple of days, but expect to take longer if you want to do it yourself.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

To clean up spills and messes, just use a little soap and water and your laminate floors will look brand new.

Healthy flooring

Laminate flooring provides a much cleaner and healthier living environment when compared to other floorings such as carpets, with regular cleaning cycles. It accumulates less dust, pet dander, allergens and it doesn't hold residual stain contaminants on the surface. Allergic people will often be recommended to remove the carpets from the living space.


A typical laminate flooring is and extremely economical solution, if you take in consideration the costs of alternate flooring solutions. Solid hardwood floors will require 4-5 refinishings and carpets and vinyls will need to be replaced at least twice (depending on traffic loads), while laminates don't require anything.

In conclusion, kids playing with their toys on the floor, the dog running through with dirty paws, friends walking with wet shoes on it, or baby bottle spills all over it won't be a problem with laminate flooring. They are the perfect floor for busy families and growing households.

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cork Flooring - The Revelation of Useful Answers

Every interested person who wants a floor make-over would definitely ask, "What is cork flooring?" The growing popularity of this type of floor over the Internet made most people curious about it. This is especially true for those who commonly associate corks to wine bottles only. Actually, cork has several useful commercial and residential applications. And we need to be enlightened with this revelation.

The basic yet useful information on what is cork flooring about will be tackled first in this article. This cover is made from cork which is commonly found in Southwest Europe and Northwest Africa. Suberin is the main component of cork as the scientific Quercus suber suggests. Suberin is a waxy type of substance that makes cork impermeable and resistant to water. This condition prevents the entry of water inside the cork. The process involved in cork production is environment-friendly since it does not require cutting down the whole tree. Instead, corks are produced from the bark of a cork oak tree, which is renewable for almost a decade. This gives a full relief to environment advocates.

For those who frequently ask about what is cork flooring, the answer is very simple. It is the act of installing the cork on the floor to cover it up. There are many types of flooring that are available in the market. It could either be soft or hard flooring. The other kind of flooring is the chemically seamless type. The last classification of floor cover includes the resilient type or wood type. Being impermeable from water and pressure, cork flooring is categorized under the resilient type of floor cover. It could tolerate heavy weight and foot traffic. Its durability against pressure is so high as compared with other types of flooring. With cork flooring, marks are negligible when pressure is applied on it.

The popularity of cork is attributed not only to its natural yet elegant appearance. There are other characteristics of this type of floor that made it desirable. These include the cost of material and its maintenance. Cork is a low-maintenance type of flooring material and is sold at reasonable price. In addition, don't forget to take into account its provision of noise insulation and comfort. Cork reduces noise better compared with other types of flooring namely tiles, wood, and vinyl because it does not heighten sound. This is important for anyone who has a baby who needs uninterrupted rest and sleep. Furthermore, corks are heat-resistant. Cork could absorb and maintain heat. This characteristic is very beneficial during colder months to ease the discomfort of having cold feet. Not only that, it could also help in reducing the cost of electricity.

With your idea on what is cork flooring, you have no reason to excuse yourself for protecting the environment while getting the best quality of floor cover at a reasonable price. Absolutely, this would be a big hit this century.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Why to Replace Your Flooring

Why Flooring?

Making a change to your home is a big decision and likely one that you will live with for many years to come. So, why choose to change your floor coverings? Here are just a few of the reasons that changing the flooring in your home can be a great lifestyle choice, style choice and a great investment.

Lifestyle Choice:

Many homeowners don't realize what an integral part in the enjoyment of their home that flooring can play.

  • Sitting with your family in the living room on a soft frieze carpet in front of the fire.
  • A natural stone tile floor in the kitchen that takes less time to clean and maintain and leaves you more time to do the things that you enjoy.
  • A bathroom with a textured vinyl tile floor that reduces slip and fall hazards for you and your loved ones
  • A padded carpet that dampens the noise of your children playing upstairs while you are at work downstairs.

These are only a few of the many ways that a new floor can significantly increase the livability and comfort of your home.

Style Choice:

Your home is one of the major ways in which you can express your own personal style. The floor, also known as the "5th Wall" is a great place to start. Colonial or Contemporary, Traditional or Southwestern, the way in which you furnish and decorate your home tells the world a lot about you.

  • A custom ceramic tile pattern gives your home a look that is completely unique
  • A throw rug adds color that accentuates the antique armoire passed down through your family for generations
  • Friends and guests are welcomed by the warm and inviting ambience that a stained hardwood floor provides
  • A small home appears larger and more open with a continuous floor pattern running from room to room

The appearance of a home has a message about the people that live there. The right flooring style choice can ensure that you will send the right message.

Investment Decision:

One of the most significant investments that many people make in a lifetime is in there home. Just as with any major investment one hopes that the money and time invested in their home will increase its value.

  • A new floor can add 50-300% of the cost of replacement to your home's value
  • A new floor is an investment that you can use and enjoy and potentially profit from
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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Carpet - A Great Choice For Your Beautiful Home

New carpet is one of the most popular flooring choices today because of low cost, comfort, and use of many colors, patterns, styles and materials. Carpet is produced with woven materials, usually petroleum-based fabric like nylon or olefin that are affixed to an artificial backing, generally with an adhesive. Carpet is installed by stretching out and attaching to wood tack strips that are nailed around the outside of the room or by sticking it to the sub flooring.

The Least Expensive Floor Covering

The installation of new carpet in your own home is frequently the 3rd costliest expenditure that you may make in your home's look and feel and livability, but it can also be the least costly flooring choice.

New carpet may be one of the most durable and enduring investments you may make in your home - provided you give it decent care. With routine cleaning and fundamental upkeep, a reputable carpet may last 20 years - or even more.

Carpet Is For Decorators

New carpet generally is one of the key decorating decisions which a home owner will usually make. The coloring, type and style of carpet which a home owner installs in their home will in the end establish the design scheme of the home.

It's also appreciated for the limitless possibilities in color and design. With hardwood flooring, you're mostly restricted to various shades of natural wood colors. Similarly with natural stone flooring, you're frequently limited to those colors naturally occurring within the rock itself. With carpet, your creativity is really the limit. Carpets are available in virtually any color imaginable, which makes it much easier to match your new floor to your furnishings in addition to the walls and with almost every other accessory in your home. Patterns may also be added to your flooring to incorporate an additional degree of personalization. You can really transform a room's look and feel just by updating the carpet.

Berbers Still Popular - And For Good Reasons

Berber carpets continue to be quite popular because of the ability to combine various contrasting colors into the large loops of the base pile. Berber high end carpeting looks elegant while adding various shades of yarn into the base color. By selecting a foundation color, normally an earth tone, other contrasting colors can draw color schemes within the room out like nothing else. If you are considering a berber, stick with 100% nylon material yarn or wool yarn. These yarns last considerably longer than other combined yarn types found in typical berber carpeting.

Cut Pile - Beautiful and Long Lasting

Cut pile carpets are made by shearing the pile to create a number of tufts. There are actually three specific kinds of cut pile carpets - frieze or trackless, plush and saxony.

Frieze has fibers that are twisted and it's cut in such a way that it diminishes the look of foot tracks. Frieze carpeting is a great option for many high traffic locations in your home. Frieze has a more "casual" appearance as compared to other styles, such as plush.

The so-called Plush carpeting is considered the softest style of cut-pile carpet, but can show tracks easily and it usually holds more dirt, meaning that it may not be ideal for high-traffic areas of your home. Plus has the "formal" appearance that can highlight a formal dining room or a highly decorated living room.This type of carpet is usually a great choice for bedrooms and formal rooms, and other rooms with relatively light traffic.

Finally, saxony has a twist to the fibers, but not as much as frieze and has a more "level" appearance. Saxony can be a good choice for high-traffic areas where a formal look isn't wanted. Saxony styles are great for your finished basement.

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Thursday, September 8, 2011

How To Choose Your Hardwood Flooring

If installing hardwood flooring is part of your remodeling plans, get ready to make some decisions. Because today's hardwood flooring comes in a wide variety of types, colors, styles and grades. Ultimately, what kind of wood you choose will likely be determined by your budget. The first thing you should do when installing hardwood flooring is figure out exactly the amount you need and your budget. Once you have your budget in hand, the flooring specialist will be able to direct you to the choices you have.

Another thing to consider when choosing hardwoods is the room it's going in and the basic style of your home. Think about how the room is used. The choice of hardwood flooring for a kitchen or bathroom might be different than your choice in a formal living room or bedroom. Remember that lighter floors show less wear and tear and less dirt than darker floors. Battling dust on a dark wood floor can get extremely tiring in time. For this reason, high traffic areas do well with lighter woods.

However, there is nothing more rich and elegant looking in a formal room than a dark hardwood floor. If your room is less formal, a lighter shade might work better. Your lifestyle and your existing furniture can help you decide which will work best in your home. When you are picking out your hardwoods, you're going to be faced with many decisions, not just color but the type of wood as well as the grade, or quality. Typically, hardwoods such as maple are extremely durable and work best in high traffic areas. However, maple cannot be stained. A higher grade wood usually means its more durable and will have less visual defects.

Hardwoods are rated for different uses. For example, if you want to install a hardwood floor in a kitchen or bathroom, most showrooms will have options that are rated specifically for these uses. A good dealer will help you make the best choices for your home based on your budget and needs. Whether you want a domestic hardwood or something more exotic, you should be given all the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Installing hardwood floors is a terrific investment in a home and will help the resale value. Most home buyers want hardwood floors simply because they are considered a high value. No matter what your style is, installing a hardwood floor will add value to your home.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

How To Clean Carpet Stains

Carpet stains can come from a number of different sources, but vinegar or vinegar and water can be used to clean up most stains. Discover why it's so important to get to carpet stains early with help from a professional house cleaner in this free video on housecleaning and housekeeping tips.

Have your carpets professionally cleaned by All Size Flooring Center & Carpet Cleaning! Our professionals take great pride and care when coming to your home to clean your carpets and upholstery. All Size Carpets uses "green" cleaning products! Not only are they better for your carpets but, also for the environment in your living space. We have the "solution" for all your well loved upholstery!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vinyl Tile Flooring And Other Ways To Make Your Home Pet Proof

Owning a pet can be a joyous thing. They bring color to our lives, especially if we live on our own. They are an addition to the family, keep us company, and have been proven to lower blood pressure and have other positive affects on our health. Of course, owning a large pet like a cat or dog can be tough in any home because you have to deal with the potential consequences. But if you outfit your home with the right things, you won't have as much to worry about.

The most important thing you need to consider is flooring options. Your dogs and cats run around all day on the floor, claws skittering and dirt on the bottom of their paws. They also make a mess on it when they eat their food and their fur loves to cling into corners of the room. So you need to really think about your floor.

Vinyl tile flooring is one of the easiest flooring to install and the easiest to clean with your pet. Vinyl tile flooring can be easily swept and mopped without needing any sort of special treatment or cleaning solution like hard wood might need. Simple surface cleaner, water and a good mop will get most stains and dirt out of the tiles. It'll dry quickly as well unlike karastan carpeting. It also is easier to vacuum and sweep for fur and pieces of dirt and food.

If you do decide you want to go with carpeting flooring in a room or two because of the comfort and aesthetics, you have a couple of options. You can either make sure it's a room your pet never enters, like the bedroom, and you won't have to worry about clean up. If it is a pet zone, you'll want to make sure you vacuum a couple of times a week and really shampoo the carpeting flooring every couple of weeks to get not only dirt but dander out as well.

When it comes to furniture in a room, you'll want to consider covering them with clear plastic coverings. You can either have a large cover you pull over your entire couch, chair, or mattress, or one that zips on for a tight fit. This will keep pet hair, dander, and dirt off of the place you sit. It will also keep their claws from destroying your furniture.

When decorating the home, you need to take your pets into consideration. You love them, sure, but you can't let them take over the whole house. Take steps to keep your home clean and together, before you end up regretting it later.

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