Monday, August 15, 2011

Take Care Of Your Carpets

Carpets need regular care. Carpets generally take a lot of challenges from you, your children and your pets. Dead skin, spills, dust, dirt and outside pollutants get into the carpet. They can build up through time. Caring for carpets make them last longer and minimize any effect that can be done by all the contaminants and pollutants.

Preventative Care

Simple measures like taking your shoes off and placing mats at entrances will help minimize damage to your carpet. Mats will catch soils that come from the shoes.

Preventative caring for carpets also involve keeping any exposed area of hard floor that meet up to the carpets. This stops any dirt from moving on to the carpet and avoids any dark area developing near the edge of the carpet.

Regular Care

Regular caring for carpets involves vacuuming at least once weekly. The vacuuming needs to be done with slow movements preferably from left to right then right to left. Upright vacuum cleaners with a brush and a beater bar will be very effective.

Periodic Professional Cleaning

Periodic professional cleaning is very important when caring for carpets. Once every 12 to 18 months, you will need to have the carpets cleaned by professionals. Having this done will help remove any residue of dirt and contaminants. It also rejuvenates the carpet and makes them look as good as new.

Avoiding professional cleaning as an important component of caring for carpets will mean that dirt and soil will pile up into the carpet fibers. The high traffic areas will appear darkened and will wear out. When this happens, there is no way to fix it.


Dealing with stains is an integral part of caring for carpets. Stains are almost always unique but there are some common ways to deal with most common stains. To remove stains when caring for carpets, you need to do the following:

1. Any excess liquids or solids that have been spilled to be scooped up with a spoon

2. The area needs to be BLOTTED and NOT RUBBED with a slightly damp towel until all dirt has been removed. Dry the dampened area of carpet with a hair dryer as this will help avoid the appearance of any water marks.

3. Never use patented cleaning agents as they can contain bleaching agents that can remove color and leave white spots.

There are of course, very stubborn stains that may be very difficult to deal with and will need the help of professionals to remove. When caring for carpets, leave stubborn stains to the professionals.

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