Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning

While you may be tempted to try to do the carpet cleaning in your home by yourself, it is actually much better if you have a professional carpet cleaning company come in and do the carpet cleaning job for you. Yes, saving money is a great thing, but there are times when having something done right is worth more than the money you will spend. Professional carpet cleaning is important, and there are many reasons that you need to have your carpet cleaning done by a professional that knows what he or she is doing.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment

The first reason that you need your carpet cleaning done by a professional is because he or she has the carpet cleaning equipment to do the best job, and more than likely, you do not. While you may have equipment that is advertised to do a great job on carpet cleaning, many times, those types of carpet cleaners do not do what professional equipment can do. You want to be sure that your carpet is cleaned down deep where all the problems lie, and the best way to do this is by hiring professional carpet cleaners to do your carpet cleaning for you.

Carpet Types

There is a good chance that you do not know all about your carpet type and the best way to clean it, keep it clean and to help keep the air in your home clean. Carpet cleaning professionals are trained to deal with a variety of different types of carpet and they know how to clean various carpets effectively. If you do not know how to clean your specific type of carpet, you could end up ruining your carpet or not getting all the dirt and allergens that need to be cleaned away. It is best to let the professionals do their work to ensure that the carpet cleaning is done the way it should be done for optimum benefits.

Special Cleaners

While there are a variety of different cleaners that you can purchase to do your carpet cleaning yourself, many times, they are not strong enough to get the job done right. Remember that the number one reason for having your carpet cleaned is that you want to improve the air quality of your home to keep allergies and other health problems from being a nuisance. Carpet cleaning professionals have special cleaners that contain detergents that most people have no access to. These cleaners are designed to make your carpet look great and to get rid of the dirt, mold, and bacteria that lies deep within your carpet. If you want cleaner air in your home, let the professionals take care of the carpet cleaning with their cleaners.

Yes, hiring carpet cleaning professionals may cost you a bit of money, but in the long run, it is well worth what you will pay. To ensure that the air you breath is clean and pure is worth the cost of having carpet cleaning done professionally.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

How to Remove Scuff Marks From Wood Floors

To remove a scuff mark, first remove loose dirt, then use a tennis ball or a dryer sheet to rub away the mark. Remove scuff marks from wood floors with the housekeeping tips in this free video on home maintenance from a professional decorator and home cleaner.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Ceramic Tile Floor Don'ts

Ceramic tile flooring is the perfect way to enjoy the double benefits of beauty and practicality with your home furnishings. Ceramic tile is both decorative and durable. And with the right tools and techniques you can carry out an easy maintenance routine that will keep your tile floor looking clean and new for a long time. And while you may have come across numerous articles with countless advices about the things you must do to maintain your tile surfaces at home, this time we will look at a list of don'ts to make tile cleaning more effective.

Don't let dirt in. As they say, prevention is better than the cure. Doing necessary measures to keep dirt out of your house as much as possible can take half the cleaning load off. Use doormats so people can wipe off soil and dust from their shoes before entering the house. Encourage household members to remove dirty or muddy footwear before stepping on the tile floor.

Don't procrastinate. Make it a habit to clean regularly. If you see a spill, wipe it off immediately. Every time there's a sticky stain, clean it up right away. Leaving the mess for a long time will only attract more dirt and make the spilled material cling more to the tile surface. This will only make it harder to remove and clean later.

Don't forget good old sweeping. A great deal of dust, soil, food particles, fallen hair strands, and other everyday debris can be eliminated just with a simple sweep of the broom. Experts say a microfiber broom is best for tile surfaces because it effectively traps and lifts dust and dirt. This will give you a very effective cleaning, plus, it lets you minimize your sweeping strokes.

Don't leave detergent residue. When cleaning tile flooring, mopping with warm water and mild detergent is a tried-and-tested method of keeping the floor clean and shiny. However, make sure you rinse off the detergent thoroughly. Detergent or soap residue makes tile surfaces look dull and sticky and it attracts dust and dirt. To make sure detergent is completely washed off some people use water mixed with white vinegar for the last rinse. Dry with a soft cloth or a dry mop to finish.

Don't use abrasive material or toxic bleach. For glazed tile surfaces, using steel wool or scouring brushes can scratch the material and take the luster off the tile. Also, using too much strong bleach solutions can discolor tile and grout.

And the last piece of "don't" advice - Don't stress it out too much! In case of cleaning emergencies, ask other household members or a professional cleaning service for help. Just stick to your cleaning plan and enjoy the beauty of your ceramic tile floor.

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cork Flooring Details

Mick Dalrymple of a.k.a. green gets into detail about cork flooring.

Cork flooring is available at All Size Flooring Center & Carpet Cleaning! We are a fully licensed, family owned and operated, contracted flooring business. Here at All Size we can handle all of your flooring and carpet cleaning needs. We have a designer showroom full of the latest trends in flooring. We will work with our customers to find the best flooring solutions for the job, taking into consideration things such as traffic patterns and wearabililty and we stand behind our installations and work.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Versatility Of Carpet Remnants

Carpet remnants offer a practical, functional addition to your home or business. Residential and commercial uses include:

Area rugs - highlights a segment of a room, providing distinctive design enhancements. The rug focuses the eye, presenting a unifying theme to what might otherwise be a scattering of furniture.

Sitting mats - these are especially useful in schools.

Stepping pads - ideal for a walking path with heavy traffic, and/or an area, which experiences the effects of bad weather.

Floor runners - can be decorative additions to heavily trafficked areas and entryways, protecting expensive floor coverings from the trials and tribulations of children, animals, bad weather and heavy foot traffic.

Standing mats - comfortable floor cushions under sinks and worktables, protecting your feet from a hard floor surface, and shielding the floor from water and debris.

These are some ideas of the varied uses remnants can provide your private and public spaces. They are available in various styles, including:

Berber carpet remnants - durable and strong enough for high traffic areas.

Shag carpet remnants - that might find special appeal as sitting mats.

Plush area rugs - for delineating sections in your living and family rooms.

Indoor/outdoor carpeting - for porches, decks, and patios.

Carpeting is available in several materials, including wool, nylon, and olefin (synthetics). Wall to wall wool carpeting may be beyond your budget, but purchasing a beautiful wool piece, which can be bound and finished around the edges, can be the central feature of your room. Discount remnants are available at carpet stores, home furnishing, department stores, and home improvement centers. When shopping find out what fibers and yarns are used, and do not forget about the carpet backing and finishing, which provides durability and a more luxuriant feel when walking on the carpet. Modern carpet cleaning technologies make cleaning quick and economical.

Remnants offer a versatile addition to your home and business. Start decorating now!

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Vacaville's Annual Barbecue and Chili Cookoff

It's that time of year again. Saturday August 6 is Downtown Vacaville's Annual Barbecue/Chili Cookoff!!!! This year you may enter in the Chili Cookoff and/or Rib Cookoff. For the Chili you need to make a minimum
of 3 gallons, it goes fast. People will purchase tasting tickets for the Chili, so there will be many tasters to judge and vote. For the ribs you need to make 3 racks and those will be judged by a select group and no tasters to the public. For right now just think how much fun it will be and set aside the date because its a whole day affair. For more info just call downtown 451-2100 and ask for Judy or Bob. Or call me at 448-3300 and I will try to answer your questions. Last year I had a blast and we had equal men and women participants.

Hope to see you there cooking or supporting.

Colleen Stafford

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bathroom Flooring Options: Counting From The Worst To The Best Choices

When selecting the right construction material for your bathroom floor, you are faced with the same considerations as when selecting flooring materials for other areas in the house. Is your roofing durable? Will it withstand the kids' activities? Does it feel good under bare feet? Here are some of the top flooring options from the worst to best.

No. 7: Carpet. A carpet can be a bad choice for bathroom floors. Just like water and oil, carpet and moisture are not the best of friends either. If you still insist on having carpet in your bathroom, make sure to take a look at pointers and tips from professional carpet installers.

No. 6: Solid hardwood. It may not be the best choice but it is slightly a better option compared to carpet flooring. Solid hardwood looks nice and feels warm under bare feet. But the major disadvantage for this kind of flooring is that moisture destroys the hardwood. If you still want solid hardwood bathroom flooring, make sure the tiles are perfectly installed without gaps to make no room for moisture to thrive in. For this bathroom remodeling project, it would be advisable that you hire the services of a professional installer to help you save money in the long run.

No. 5: Laminate Flooring. In general, laminate flooring is a viable choice for bathrooms. This kind of flooring is a better choice compared to solid hardwood. Laminate flooring is generally a resin impregnated paper that is placed atop wood chip base. The laminate plank's surface is actually a picture of whatever it is supposed to be imitating- can be slate, marble, oak or cherry. On its uppermost surface is the part that manufacturers tag as the 'wear layer'. This is a clear layer of melamine and is proven to be very strong. The seams are usually glued together so it is hard for moisture to work its way down the tiles. Laminate is also easy to clean but make sure you keep it away from too much moisture or it will expand and bubble.

No. 4: Engineered Wood. This type has a plywood base that holds up pretty good against moisture. It also looks great since its topmost layer is made up of real wood. If you choose the wood floor look in your bath, engineered wood is a great option.

No. 3: Stone. You don't have to deal with moisture problems if you choose limestone, granite, marble and other stone flooring options. Stone does not make it to the top list because it can get slippery especially when wet. Stone floors will get a huge budget allocation of any bathroom remodeling project.

No. 2: Tile or Sheet Vinyl. Vinyl is perhaps the most popular option for bathroom floors. it features easy flooring installation and is available in a wide variety of styles, colors and designs.

No. 1: Ceramic Tile. Just like stone, ceramic tiles offer that solid and textured feeling. It is also waterproof and can be fairly expensive. And just like your wood floors, it looks pretty nice. There are different types of ceramic tiles and you should exactly get the type of flooring you want. Like stone, it can be cold and slippery. But texturing will help solve this problem. Go for smaller tiles for enhanced safety.

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All Size Flooring Center and Carpet Cleaning is a fully licensed, family owned and operated, contracted flooring business. Here at All Size we can handle all of your flooring and carpet cleaning needs. We have a designer showroom full of the latest trends in flooring. We will work with our customers to find the best flooring solutions for the job, taking into consideration things such as traffic patterns and wearabililty and we stand behind our installations and work.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Prefinished Versus Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Deciding between prefinished versus unfinished hardwood floors can be difficult. You need to consider the pros and cons of each before making a decision.

Unfinished hardwood flooring is delivered raw then sanded, stained and finished on site. It is available in more widths and wood species than prefinished flooring and can be matched to existing wood floors.

Prefinished hardwood flooring has been engineered and finished at the factory, so it does not require any further treatment once it has been installed.

Prefinished hardwood flooring is relatively quick easy to install. Since it has already been coated at the factory, it is also far more convenient as no sanding or finishing needs to be done on site. This is a time consuming and dusty process that you may wish to avoid.

The multiple coats of finish applied at the factory give prefinished wood flooring a very durable wear layer and the finish itself is under warranty by the manufacturer. Such a durable finish can't be achieved on floors finished on the job site.

Prefinished hardwood floors are more versatile as they can be installed over a wider range of subfloors than unfinished hardwood floors. Because prefinished flooring can be floated, that is, not attached to the subfloor, they can be installed over almost any type of subfloor including concrete. Also, the durable coating on prefinished flooring and its engineered design makes it more resistant to moisture and humidity, making it suitable for climatic regions with high humidity or large variations in temperature, or when the subfloor is below grade and more prone to moisture.

However, when refinishing engineered prefinished flooring, it is necessary to remove a lot more wood to achieve a level floor, so you will lose more life of the floor in the first refinish than with a solid hardwood floor. Also prefinished hardwood floors are harder to clean between the cracks, as they are not sealed at the job site like unfinished hardwood floors.

A custom sanded hardwood floor is perfectly flat looking, with a tabletop appearance that can't be achieved with a prefinished hardwood floor. If the subfloor is uneven, then a pre-finished floor will be uneven. Since unfinished flooring is sanded flat on site, it is more forgiving of slight irregularities in the subfloor.

If your prefinished floor is damaged, the whole section of flooring will need to be removed and replaced, whereas in most cases, site finished hardwood flooring can be easily fixed with a quick sanding and finish.

Over time, it is easy to forget who the manufacturer of the prefinished hardwood flooring is, making it difficult to get an exact match if part of the floor needs to be replaced. There is also the possibility that your prefinished flooring will be discontinued in the future and so you will be unable to order replacement boards.

There are several factors to consider which should make your decision a little easier:

o Is your home of historical significance? Unfinished flooring would be more appropriate - to capture the old-world charm and keep the look authentic, or to match existing historical flooring, hand-distressing and aging techniques can be used.

o Are the fumes and dust resulting from finishing the floor on-site a concern, eg if children or pets will be present?

o Consider the location of your new wood floor - will it be in a high traffic or moisture area such as the kitchen or bathroom? If so, prefinished flooring is best as it has a more durable finish.

o Are you looking for a specific plank width, unusual wood species or color? Unfinished wood provides many more options.

o Are you installing wood floors throughout the entire home, or just in isolated rooms? If throughout your home, unfinished wood may be best. Having your floors finished on site will help ensure a uniform color and finish.

o What type of installation technique is required? Only prefinished flooring can be floated above a concrete sub floor. If the flooring is to be installed below grade, prefinished flooring is the recommended choice.

o Does your new wood floor need to match with an existing wood floor? If so, unfinished flooring is easier to stain and match.

o What is your budget? Unfinished flooring is typically the more expensive option.

o Do you live in an area with high humidity? If so, prefinished flooring is the better option as it is more resistant to buckling and warping.

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