Tuesday, June 21, 2011

4 Reasons To Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

In these tough economical times a lot of priorities are getting rearranged in order of how much money is available to spend and what is of immediate necessity. Calling a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpets and upholstery is certainly not on a lot of lists of things that need to be done immediately because most people tend to call a carpet cleaning service only when their carpets reach a stage where they can no longer bear to look at them or when they are about to move and need their deposits back from their landlords or their real estate agent tells them that a good cleaning is necessary in order to fetch a good price.

Leaving it for so late is usually not a good idea because if the carpets have not been cleaned in a long while then the chances are that you are not getting your deposit back or in the case of home sellers you may end up having to replace the older carpets which by now are probably at a stage where they no longer can be restored to their former glory. That's an expensive alternative to a regular carpet cleaning. So here are 4 top reasons to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, which according to most industry specialists, should be cleaned at least twice a year if your home has small children and/or pets or once every 12 months if there are no children and/or pets at home:

#1 Aesthetic. During the course of day to day living, carpets develop spots, stains and dirt tracks from stepping on them, specially high traffic areas like hallways, stairs and family rooms. Over a period of time these spots and stains if not dealt with may become more permanent and difficult to remove and you may end up paying an exorbitant amount of money to get them removed because by now its not a cleaning issue but a "restoration" job.

#2 Health. Carpets, because they are fabric based, act like a filter and trap allergens, dust, and a host of other contaminants and pollutants in them and these sometimes may contribute to or irritate problems like asthma and allergies. A deep steam cleaning usually helps eliminate or mitigate these issues and makes for a healthier home.

#3 Investment. Your carpets are an enormous investment, just like your expensive furniture, or a car and as such need to be protected from constant wear and tear. Regular carpet cleaning done professionally prolongs the life of the carpets and protects your investment.

#4. Odors. Cooking, pets, shoes, clothes, these all emit odors that get absorbed by carpets and after a while the carpets start giving off unpleasant smells. This can be remedied by your carpet cleaner using a deodorizer to match the specific situation of the smell and will bring back the fresh smell of clean carpets into your home.

Regular vacuuming helps to keep your carpets clean longer but a thorough and professionally done carpet cleaning goes a long way in protecting your loved ones' health and your investment.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/5087302

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