Thursday, May 12, 2011

All About Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring makes a great choice in building material, when choosing to put in new flooring in a home or commercial building. Many people decide to install this flooring because of its long lasting quality and that it is more affordable then tile, carpet, marble or wood. Vinyl is becoming more popular among those that are looking for a vast variety of choices in color, textures and styles.

For those of us that are not in the construction field, many are not sure exactly what this kind of flooring is. It is made out of the building material polyvinyl chloride or also known as PCV. Vinyl is similar to linoleum but is more durable when exposed to everyday floor traffic.

Because of the durability of vinyl flooring, it is a wonderful choice in flooring for heavy traffic areas in a building. This material will also add extra insulation to a floor and gives comfort to the foot unlike marble or tile flooring.

There are two different types of this flooring available. Printed vinyl contains a sheet of printed-paper that can contain almost any type of design that the manufacture chooses to use. Inlaid vinyl is where the design is stamped into the tile. This stamping process not only adds a design to the flooring, it also adds texture to this durable building material.

Unlike wood, tile, marble or carpeting, vinyl flooring is very easy to take care of to keep it looking shiny and new. One of the most basic ways to clean vinyl is with just plain water to remove the dirt that can collect on a floor. Others prefer to use cleaning products that can be found in the cleaning isle at many stores. When using any type of cleaning product on vinyl, it is important to follow the manufactures directions. These cleaning products can also insure that the shine is maintained on the flooring to keep it looking new for years to come.

Many like the ease of care having vinyl flooring used in their home or commercial buildings. The inexpensive price tag of these building materials has also added to the popularity of this product. With many choices in styles, textures and colors have made vinyl flooring, one is sure to find the perfect flooring for their individual needs.

When building a house, get your vinyl flooring from a well established company. Make sure you educate yourself before purchasing.

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