Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Flooring Options: Cork


Represents a special kind of renewable resource because it is a harvested resource (only the bark is harvested from the tree). Cork floors are made from the waste cork that makes wine stoppers. A law in the 1930's called "The 9 Year Law" was passed to keep cork from being harvested any sooner than every 9 years. The tree has to reach 60 cm in circumference before it can be harvested. The first harvest from a cork tree can only occur at age 25.
Green Benefits of Cork:

Green Products are environmentally friendly, and come from renewable resources. They are reasonably priced, easy to install, and provide you with a wide selection of color and style for every room in the home or office. We have many samples to show you if your desire is to be "green!" When you visit our showroom for your green flooring, ask us about our USA manufactured green products.
• Renewable resource
• Recycled product
• Never harvested before it's mature
• Tree is not destroyed or damaged when harvested
• Maximum benefits are achieved by using water-based finishes and adhesives

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