Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How to Keep Your Carpet Clean Even With Kids in Your Home

When you have children, it can be hard to keep the house clean, but one part of the house that takes a direct hit is the carpet.

Kids are notorious for tracking in a variety of messes and the carpet - no matter its color or previous condition - suffers because of it. But there are some things you can do to help kids and clean carpets live in harmony.

First, have a no-shoes policy. It's become more and more common for people to take their shoes off as soon as they enter someone's house, or even before. Don't worry about what people will think. Be firm about this rule, and apply it evenly to adults and children so you don't discriminate.

By making sure shoes aren't worn in the house, you are also ensuring that the carpets get spared from whatever might be on someone's shoes, like oil, dirt or grass. If you feel uncomfortable asking guests to remove shoes, you can offer them a pair of slippers from a basket near your door.

Second, don't assume that if the kids are running around the house in socks, that's fine for the carpets. Some kids will run outside in their socks, and then come back in house. Their socks are now as dirty as a shoe might be. Check the bottoms of the kid's socks periodically and if they are dirty, make them change their socks.

Vacuum often, as in just about every day. Contrary to some people's beliefs, vacuuming does not wear down the carpet, but actually benefits the carpet. Do it often to keep the dirt from soaking into the fibers (making it very hard to get clean). If there are stains on the carpet, you're more likely to see them when vacuuming the carpet (when you're looking directly at it) than when you're walking all over it. Then you can deal with the stains as you see them and before they become harder to get out.

Finally, get your carpets cleaned regularly. Many people wait until they see dirt and stains to clean their carpets, but cleaning them before you see the dirt is a better idea. Your carpet, which is a big investment, will last longer. Experts recommend getting carpets cleaned about every 6 months, when you do your regular heavy cleaning.

If you follow these steps, you can have light colored carpet, pets and children and all can live peacefully together.

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Martha Stewart Loves Cork Flooring!

Watch a segment of the Martha Stewart Show, as she shares information and tips on cork flooring as a sustainable/green design alternative.

Monday, March 21, 2011

What Type of Flooring is Best For Your Home?

It can be a challenge for homeowners to choose the type of flooring that will work best in their home. Each type of flooring comes with its' own advantages and disadvantages, and in choosing the right one for you there are several things to consider.

Budget, aesthetics, taste and lifestyle as well as the amount of humidity, sunlight and water in the room need to be taken into consideration. There is an extensive range of choices and limitless design options to suit all kinds of looks and needs.

Following are some of the pros and cons of several types of flooring available:

* Hardwood floors are known for their strength and sturdiness. They are also easy to maintain as they only require dusting and vacuuming and need to be refinished only once every 10-15 years. However, on the flip side, they are prone to scratching and gouges and have a tendency to get discolored if exposed to dryness or wetness for periods of time

* Ceramic tile adds value to your home because of its' durability and wide decorative range. There are varieties to suit every need and budget. Maintenance is simple as ceramic tile requires only sweeping and mopping. The downside of tile flooring is that it can feel cold for bare feet (although you can compensate for this by using throw rugs or an area carpet), it may be hard to clean light colored tiles with wide seams and from personal experience I can tell you that things you drop on it usually break!

* Laminates are produced to look like an exact copy of wood floors but come with a lower price tag! They can be easily maintained and are also known for their price and durability. Damp mopping is the only thing needed for maintenance although replacement may be needed approximately every 10 years.

* Vinyl Flooring is affordable, durable and resistant to wear and tear. There is an extremely wide variety available to fit both budget and design guidelines and you only need to sweep and mop to maintain them!

* Carpeting is less expensive than many other flooring types, although as with other kinds there is a range of pricing. Carpets come in many sizes, shapes, fibers and colors, and are relatively easy to install. On the downside they require a little more maintenance than some of the other types of floors as they need to be vacuumed on a regular basis and need a thorough shampooing and cleaning once a year. People with allergies may want to steer clear of carpeting as it can trap dust mites and other allergens in its' fibers. If you do have allergies and you really want carpets it would be safer to stick with throw rugs and area carpets that can be cleaned more frequently and thoroughly.

As you can see there are many directions you can go to beautify your floors, as well as keeping them functional and easy to maintain. Most homes utilize several types and combinations to go with the different styles and uses of each room. Hopefully this article can be of some assistance to you in choosing your future flooring!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/936579

Friday, March 18, 2011

Green Flooring Options: Bamboo

Bamboo is fast emerging as a suitable flooring material. Bamboo flooring has an appeal of its own. The eye-catching pattern that is formed by the slightly darker bands at the nodes of the bamboo makes bamboo flooring all the more special.

A rapidly renewing resource that matures in three years. There currently is no bamboo certified as meeting various environmental production or preservation standards, so it is important to try to learn as much as you can about the bamboo you are interested in before purchasing it. Most bamboo is grown in Asia and the impact of transporting it to the United States market should be considered.
Green Benefits of Bamboo:

• Rapidly renewing
• Quickly matures
• Regenerates without replanting
• Requires minimal fertilization or pesticides

Green Products are environmentally friendly, and come from renewable resources. They are reasonably priced, easy to install, and provide you with a wide selection of color and style for every room in the home or office. We have many samples to show you if your desire is to be "green!" When you visit our showroom for your green flooring, ask us about our USA manufactured green products.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Green Flooring Options: Cork


Represents a special kind of renewable resource because it is a harvested resource (only the bark is harvested from the tree). Cork floors are made from the waste cork that makes wine stoppers. A law in the 1930's called "The 9 Year Law" was passed to keep cork from being harvested any sooner than every 9 years. The tree has to reach 60 cm in circumference before it can be harvested. The first harvest from a cork tree can only occur at age 25.
Green Benefits of Cork:

Green Products are environmentally friendly, and come from renewable resources. They are reasonably priced, easy to install, and provide you with a wide selection of color and style for every room in the home or office. We have many samples to show you if your desire is to be "green!" When you visit our showroom for your green flooring, ask us about our USA manufactured green products.
• Renewable resource
• Recycled product
• Never harvested before it's mature
• Tree is not destroyed or damaged when harvested
• Maximum benefits are achieved by using water-based finishes and adhesives

Friday, March 11, 2011

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is type of flooring made of a laminate material. Laminate flooring is made to look like natural products such as wood flooring or natural stone, yet is made up of either synthetic materials (usually melamine resin) or of synthetic materials combined with natural and recycled ingredients and covered with an attached decorative applique including an aluminum oxide finish.

It has a dense inner core and a glued-on layer or fused layers of outer material. Many types of

laminate flooring simulate wood, but some look like marble or granite. A popular alternative to other hard surface products, high-quality laminate flooring resists staining, wear, and fading much better than wood and natural stone while providing unique looks and appeal. It is durable (about 20 times stronger than a kitchen countertop) and is water-resistant, offering use in bathrooms and kitchens in addition to high traffic areas. Unlike most hardwoods, laminates are quite dent-resistant.

Laminate flooring is a tongue and groove inter-locking flooring system. It is not a new product and has been popular in Europe for over 30 years. Recently it has become a very popular flooring solution in the United States, and is currently one of the fastest growing flooring categories.

If you are looking to update the floors in your home, laminate flooring might be the solution. Give us a call today for a FREE Estimate.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Remnants R US At All Size Flooring Center & Carpet Cleaning


Carpet Remnants are good for doing smaller jobs. You get high end quality for an affordable price. Because All Size carries a large inventory of remnants, we are able to install the next day. This is something you won't find with every carpet supplier!

What is it?
When a factory produces a carpet roll, they then sell it in sections by order to wholesalers. When the roll gets near the end, they will sell it at a discount because the roll has an odd amount left.

Why choose it?
The quality is exactly the same as the higher cost product made by that manufacturer. You are only limited to what remnants are available, but you pay as little as half of the original cost.

All Size stocks over 300+ rolls, making them the largest remnant dealer in Solano County.

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ALL SIZE Flooring Center & Carpet Cleaning
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Offer Lots Of Different Services At All Size Flooring Center And Carpet Cleaning

ALL SIZE is a complete retail flooring center for all your Commercial and Residential needs.

• Carpet
• Laminate
• Vinyl
• Tile
• Hardwood
• Green Products
• Carpet Remnant Dealer
• Full Installations
• Repairs/Restretches
• In-house Carpet Binding
• Carpet Cleaning

Full Installations

• Licensed Contractor - License #883290
• Bonded and Insured
• Quality Service Every Time
• 1 year Warranty on all Installations
• Can move furniture for an extra charge - call for details
• Many installers standing by for fast reliable installation
• Free Estimates
• IICRC Certified

Carpet Binding

Creating an area rug out of any of your favorite carpet by finishing the edges professionally.

Why choose it?

You can put carpet in any room, regardless of surface. It warms up an area or makes a room more comfortable.

Repairs & Restretches

• Free estimates

• We review your carpets condtion

• We will let you know if it's more cost effective to repair or replace your carpet.

• We will ensure you get the best value for your money.

• We can repair many problems with your own carpet.