Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Methods To Clean Shag Rugs

Shaggy rugs used to be rather common back in the 1960's. Like with almost everything during that time during that time they have once again come back to be so much better than they once were.

You will be able to get shaggy rugs that are made in various cloths including leather and in contrasting lengths that make them great to utilize in virtually every region of your house. The only problem that most individuals will have is trying to keep them clean.


The first thing you need to do is to vacuum the whole thing. Each vacuum setting will offer you a low or high position. Set it on a low setting so that it is able to suck deep into the carpet and remove as much as it can. Go over the total rug with the vacuum and if you have to utilize the attachment.

Beat It

With certain rugs utilizing a vacuum cleaner is not adequate enough to get rid of some of the tiny dust and dirt trapped deep underneath it. Lay the rug over your porch or have two people hold it steady at either end of it. Use a broom and hit the bottom or back part of the rug. Make A Point that no one is standing directly in front of it and that the wind is not blowing the dirt at you. By doing this you will also help to ruffle it out.

Steam Cleaner

If you have any stains that must be removed than your last resort should be to clean shaggy rugs with a steam cleaner. These may be rented out for a few hours and will remove the dirt left over (if there is any by now) and will take away each of the stains left behind. When you are done it will look like brand new.

There are many ways in which we can decorate our home. I love to place Shaggy Rugs all over the home to accent the various rooms. Learn how to Clean Shag Rugs so that they always look new.

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