Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Insurance And Carpets

If your carpet is damaged, escaped water may well be the culprit. Whether the leak originates from a washing machine, dishwasher, waterbed, fridge or freezer, your home insurance should be able to protect you financially against damage caused by escaping water.

As the impact of the financial crisis takes effect, you may be spending less on your home. Last year the weekly household spend on goods such as furniture and appliances hit a long-term low, falling from £30.10 in 2008 to £27.90 in 2009. However, when it comes to carpeting, spending a little more now can save you money in the future.
Cheap carpets can be more expensive in the long run as they can wear out quickly and need replacing sooner. You should research different types of carpet and make an informed choice; here is some information to get you started:

Woven carpet:
Woven carpets are made using many different coloured threads that are woven together on a loom. They tend to be of a high quality making them both durable and attractive.

Tufted carpet:
Tufted carpet is popular and relatively inexpensive. Tufted carpet can be made as a single block colour, or with a recurring printed design. They usually come in either pile or loop pile.

Seagrass flooring:
Flooring made from woven seagrass has become more popular in recent years. This natural fibre grows in the tropical climates of countries such as China and Vietnam and is harvested by hand before being dried and spun into cord. One of the reasons why seagrass and other natural fibres have increased in popularity is due to their hue, as the neutral colour of these materials tends to compliment most decorative schemes.
Whilst your home insurance should pay for the cost of replacing damaged flooring, they will not usually replace undamaged flooring in adjacent rooms. Another advantage of opting for a classic, high quality design carpet, is that it won't look shabby or dated if you need to replace the flooring in one room. Not to mention the fact that having something luxurious underfoot makes coming home that bit more comfortable.

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