Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give Your Shag Pile Rugs A Longer Life By Looking After Them Properly

As with the majority of things in life, if you look after your shag pile rugs in the right way then they will end up retaining their original quality for a much longer time. The right rug can really help to accentuate a room so if you have spent even a small period of time searching for a suitable option for your home then it makes sense for you to spend time cleaning it and looking after it. By following some common sense and a regular cleaning schedule you will end up getting much better value for money as your rug lasts longer.

A shaggy rug can need a bit of extra cleaning due to the fact that the long piles that it is made with can help to hide lots of dirt and crumbs. To help get rid of the large bits that collect within the rug fibres you should make sure that it is given a good shake, preferably once a week to stop it building up. As well as this it is a good idea to beat the rug to help loosen up some of the smaller bits. If you do this then it is important that you only beat the back of the rug so that you don't damage the pile on the top of it.

After you have got rid of the majority of particles that will come out freely then it is time to get the vacuum out. This will pick up all of the remaining dust and crumbs that have not already came out. It is also advisable to get your shag pile rugs cleaned professionally at least once a year. Getting them steam cleaned with the right equipment will mean that the deepest parts of the rug will have the dirt completely flushed out. Following the above cleaning tips will result in you getting much more usage from any rug that you buy.

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