Monday, February 28, 2011

All Size Carpet Has Been Recommended!

Northbay Medical Group Employee Recommendation program has selected All Size Flooring Center and Carpet Cleaning as its recommended flooring center for its employees.

Also with Northbay All Size is a part of the “Spirit of Women” program.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Live Music!

Come to the Fiesta Days Fundraiser Crab Boil at the Moose Lodge in Vacaville
When? Saturday March 19th 6pm-? 
Live Music with "The Blues Tones"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Why Using A Licensed Contractor Is Important

Toilet overflowing? Roof has a leak? Crown moldings in your future? When something goes wrong on your property, the first reaction is to dig out a dog-eared contractor's business card or flip through the phone book for the nearest man with a hammer. However, choosing the right contractor, who is properly licensed, takes a little more effort. Although the temptation may be great to hire a company with no track record just because of the bargain price, this kind of corner-cutting can cost you big money in the long run.

You want a licensed and bonded crew that will give you a fair shake on the price and guaranteed quality on the work. In addition, the licensed professional is careful of who he or she employs for the subcontracting jobs and will do their utmost to protect their own name and reputation with top quality workmanship. On the contrary, the unlicensed contractor may not even be trusted to finish the job after receiving the deposit and could not care less if the work was done to city code specifications and safety regulations. When seeking out a contracting professional, remembering these three simple steps that can save you a lot of grief:

1. Check The License Number.

Sometimes the contractors come to us before we summon them, with leaflets on the porch and business cards dropped through the mail slots. These contractors are your local crews trying to drum up a bit of business, which is OK, as long as you verify that they are licensed. The license number may or may not be valid, and it's up to the customer to check with the state contractor's licensing board. This process takes less that a minute when you visit your state's license verification website and type in the number. The results are instant and if the license has expired or was revoked, no best bargain sale price should woo you in. No thanks.

2. Check Consumer Complaint Boards.

So you have found a legal contractor with a valid license, bonding and insurance. Remember that they are supposed to have that, so don't be too quick with the accolades. The real test of the company's veracity is to fish out any compliments or complaints that have been posted about them. Angie's List is a good resource to evaluate a contractor's services, with honest feedback from paying customers just like you. Your consumer research can be done in less than an hour and it's always good to know who you are letting into your home.

3. Estimates.

If you have a big job to be done, the best advice is to get several estimates before you commit to a contracting company. Be sure that the final price includes labor and materials and it is made clear in writing the amount and due dates of deposits and balances. When a home owner overshoots the budget, this can result in a payment dispute, in which most cases, the contractor will prevail through a court case or mechanic's lean on your property.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Spring Sale!

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Benefits Of Using A Licensed Contractor

Congratulations on being ready to begin new projects! Whether you are looking to add an addition to your home, build an elaborate playhouse for your children or pets or you're planning on closing off your deck, it is an exciting time. All of the thought that goes in to how to make your surroundings more attractive and practical can cause a lot of excitement. After that though, where do you begin?

There are many projects that are easily done with a quick trip to your local home improvement store. Little ones, like refinishing cabinets or other wood work, or building a small doghouse can be done with little experience. However, larger projects require training and experience to ensure quality. This is where a contractor can help you.

The first thing to do when looking for a contractor is to make sure that he or she is licensed. There are many people who call themselves contractors because of experience, but that have not been actually licensed by the state. This licensing is an important measure, as it means that they will have real training and will be knowledgeable about state standards and guidelines. There are a lot of things to know when adding things, especially if plumbing or electrical have to be added. If your addition is a certain size or larger, there are additional permits needed. Having a license to do this work ensures that you will have everything the way it should be.

Another thing to consider is contractor pricing. Many stores have discounts for large projects, and depending on the person you choose, those can sometimes be extended to you as well. Projects can get expensive pretty quickly, so any place that discounts can be given will be advantageous. Another benefit of hiring someone to do the work is that you have more of a guarantee of quality work. If something goes wrong, you know who to call and that it will get fixed quickly. However, if something goes wrong because you missed a step, you may not be able to identify the area that is not correct and may have to pay more to get it fixed.

One last benefit is the time frame. Having the work done by someone else means that there will be a dedicated time frame in which to have it completed. This means that you will have less mess to deal with and less stress from your house or outdoors being torn up for as long as it takes you to complete the project.

There are many benefits to hiring a contractor. They will make your life simpler in many ways and will give you peace of mind that is hard to find with other options.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Carpet Underlay - Why Should I Care About it and What Should I Know?

Carpet underlay seems like just another unnecessary expense when re-doing a room. Surely it can't matter that much, right? WRONG! The right carpet padding can make all the difference between a room that will be beautiful and comfortable for years to come and a room that will show its age and be uncomfortable right from the start.

Advantages of Carpet Underlay

The most obvious advantage of carpet underlay is the "cushiness" factor under bare feet. There is nothing like being able to walk in a room with a soft carpet that feels good under one's feet. A soft, plush underlay makes a good carpet irresistible to lounge on or for children to play on. It is also a comfort on sore feet at the end of a long, grueling day at work.

Another advantage of good carpet underlay is its ability to keep the floors warm in the winter. The right thickness of padding allows heat to penetrate the carpeting if you have underfloor radiant heating and, conversely, retains the heat in the room if your heat enters above the floor level. Good carpet padding will ensure delightfully warm feet inside no matter what the temperature is outside.

Acoustical insulation is another reason to get great carpet underlay, especially for the second floor of your home. Good padding will help to reduce cases of sound leaking from one floor to another. If you have ever lived in a house or an apartment where you can hear every step taken in the room above your head then you know what I mean by this. Also, a little extra padding in a room used by a teenager might provide just the sound reduction you need to retain your sanity when he or she is listening to a little music or playing video games.

Carpet underlay isn't just a luxury. It will also help retain the beauty of the room in which it's placed for years to come. It can help hide uneven flooring and it will also extend the life of the carpet that is placed over it. It will reduce the wear and tear on the carpet and make it look new for much longer than a carpet with cheap padding.

Don't make the mistake of skimping on your carpet padding. Though it will never been seen directly, you will definitely see the difference that good carpet underlay will make in the beauty and comfort of the room in which it is placed.
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Friday, February 11, 2011

Home Insurance And Carpets

If your carpet is damaged, escaped water may well be the culprit. Whether the leak originates from a washing machine, dishwasher, waterbed, fridge or freezer, your home insurance should be able to protect you financially against damage caused by escaping water.

As the impact of the financial crisis takes effect, you may be spending less on your home. Last year the weekly household spend on goods such as furniture and appliances hit a long-term low, falling from £30.10 in 2008 to £27.90 in 2009. However, when it comes to carpeting, spending a little more now can save you money in the future.
Cheap carpets can be more expensive in the long run as they can wear out quickly and need replacing sooner. You should research different types of carpet and make an informed choice; here is some information to get you started:

Woven carpet:
Woven carpets are made using many different coloured threads that are woven together on a loom. They tend to be of a high quality making them both durable and attractive.

Tufted carpet:
Tufted carpet is popular and relatively inexpensive. Tufted carpet can be made as a single block colour, or with a recurring printed design. They usually come in either pile or loop pile.

Seagrass flooring:
Flooring made from woven seagrass has become more popular in recent years. This natural fibre grows in the tropical climates of countries such as China and Vietnam and is harvested by hand before being dried and spun into cord. One of the reasons why seagrass and other natural fibres have increased in popularity is due to their hue, as the neutral colour of these materials tends to compliment most decorative schemes.
Whilst your home insurance should pay for the cost of replacing damaged flooring, they will not usually replace undamaged flooring in adjacent rooms. Another advantage of opting for a classic, high quality design carpet, is that it won't look shabby or dated if you need to replace the flooring in one room. Not to mention the fact that having something luxurious underfoot makes coming home that bit more comfortable.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Methods To Clean Shag Rugs

Shaggy rugs used to be rather common back in the 1960's. Like with almost everything during that time during that time they have once again come back to be so much better than they once were.

You will be able to get shaggy rugs that are made in various cloths including leather and in contrasting lengths that make them great to utilize in virtually every region of your house. The only problem that most individuals will have is trying to keep them clean.


The first thing you need to do is to vacuum the whole thing. Each vacuum setting will offer you a low or high position. Set it on a low setting so that it is able to suck deep into the carpet and remove as much as it can. Go over the total rug with the vacuum and if you have to utilize the attachment.

Beat It

With certain rugs utilizing a vacuum cleaner is not adequate enough to get rid of some of the tiny dust and dirt trapped deep underneath it. Lay the rug over your porch or have two people hold it steady at either end of it. Use a broom and hit the bottom or back part of the rug. Make A Point that no one is standing directly in front of it and that the wind is not blowing the dirt at you. By doing this you will also help to ruffle it out.

Steam Cleaner

If you have any stains that must be removed than your last resort should be to clean shaggy rugs with a steam cleaner. These may be rented out for a few hours and will remove the dirt left over (if there is any by now) and will take away each of the stains left behind. When you are done it will look like brand new.

There are many ways in which we can decorate our home. I love to place Shaggy Rugs all over the home to accent the various rooms. Learn how to Clean Shag Rugs so that they always look new.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Give Your Shag Pile Rugs A Longer Life By Looking After Them Properly

As with the majority of things in life, if you look after your shag pile rugs in the right way then they will end up retaining their original quality for a much longer time. The right rug can really help to accentuate a room so if you have spent even a small period of time searching for a suitable option for your home then it makes sense for you to spend time cleaning it and looking after it. By following some common sense and a regular cleaning schedule you will end up getting much better value for money as your rug lasts longer.

A shaggy rug can need a bit of extra cleaning due to the fact that the long piles that it is made with can help to hide lots of dirt and crumbs. To help get rid of the large bits that collect within the rug fibres you should make sure that it is given a good shake, preferably once a week to stop it building up. As well as this it is a good idea to beat the rug to help loosen up some of the smaller bits. If you do this then it is important that you only beat the back of the rug so that you don't damage the pile on the top of it.

After you have got rid of the majority of particles that will come out freely then it is time to get the vacuum out. This will pick up all of the remaining dust and crumbs that have not already came out. It is also advisable to get your shag pile rugs cleaned professionally at least once a year. Getting them steam cleaned with the right equipment will mean that the deepest parts of the rug will have the dirt completely flushed out. Following the above cleaning tips will result in you getting much more usage from any rug that you buy.

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