Monday, December 27, 2010

What You Need To Know Before Installing Hardwood Floors

When it comes to home renovation and décor, natural furnishings seem to do the trick. They are naturally beautiful and are highly durable. Talking about natural furnishing wood is the best choice we always make in order to pamper up our home beauty. People all over the word use hardwood an after-product of wood to decorate their floors or even to make the room comfortable. But, they are more reserved in the installation of hardwood floors for the whole house as they know without proper maintenance of the wood it might rot or break.

All the rumors related to hardwood floors can be easily ignored if proper maintenance can be provided. In the market there are mainly two sorts of hardwood planks, which are finished and prefinished. The finished planks are more durable and at most times they are laminated with a protection layer. On the other hand, the prefinished planks are not usually protected with any final layer but they can easily be by setting it up in the proper manner. Before you start the installation of hardwood floors , the first work will be to store the hardwoods within the room for a few days as such the hardwood gets adjusted with the indoor humidity level.

After a few days of pre-installation warm up, the next step towards installing hardwood floors will be to cover the floor with asphalt by overlapping seams by about 2-3 inch. Set the asphalt to the floor using a staple gun. Use a measuring tape and a chalk to find out an accurate center line so that a straight line can be maintained. Then use another chalk to draw a second line with respect to the centerline with a gap of ½ inch assuch to allow allowing a.5 inch space for expansion. The next step will be to apply the hardwoods planks. For doing this the first thing to do is to apply the longest slaps at the corner as to cover the used nails by a base shoe or any sort of molding. For the second and every row of the flooring while pinning up the planks put the nails in a 45-50 degrees angle after every 10 inch of the plank. Before putting in every new rows of plank put a hard tap at the adjacent rows from the side to make it more compact. But, at times when using wider planks try to keep a gap for any expansion. At the end when you reach the final row, use a bock and a pry bar to set the last row tightly in the correct position. The whole layering should be done following the chalk marks as to maintain a uniformity and straightness. This is how you can use wood planks to install a hardwood floor.

The whole process is not that hard, but if the steps seems to get complex then it would be advised to hire a specialized for assistance. If somehow the flooring seems to change the level with the adjoining rooms, try installing a reducer strips for a smooth transition.

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