Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hardwood Flooring Options Can Fit All Budgets

Hardwood flooring options are very popular with homeowners today because of the versatile nature of these beautiful wooden floors. Floor woods come in many wonderful colors, thicknesses, and grains that allow all homeowners to choose an appropriate room appearance to match their unique architectural requirements. Homeowners can use light or dark woods, various grains, and their natural interior elements to pre-set the mood of each room that utilizes these high-quality flooring materials.

Wooden floors can be budget-friendly options for all homeowners to consider:

Costs: Floors that are made from wood are not always a high-end expense. Today, with modern technologies, hardwood floors come in a wide variety of prices that can fit into all types of budget requirements. Solid wood floorboards are cut into various thicknesses that can influence flooring price. There are solid wood floors, and floors that are made with a strong layering process that has a solid wood veneer on the top surface. Hardwood imitations are also available that appear to be stunning solid hardwood floors.

Woods: It is possible to choose floors that have been made from traditional woods like oak, pine, or maple. Each one of these woods comes in more than one shade so that it is possible for homeowners to find just the right hue to enhance their overall interior design goals. Flooring woods also come in elegant choices like cherry, ash, or mahogany that are very popular choices in many new homes today. Elegant floors are often chosen in a wood-tone that highlights favorite furnishings, doorway trims, or the cabinetry in a kitchen or bathroom area.

Widths: When hardwood flooring is installed, the width of the boards, the pattern that the boards are laid into, and the way that the boards meet the walls are all points to consider when you are deciding upon a wooden floor design. Traditional wooden floor widths will normally run about 2.25" to 4" across. Plank-width boards are those that are larger than 4" across. Larger floorboards can often lend a comfortable feel to kitchens, game rooms, and other interior places that are used for leisure activities.

Patterns: The direction that floorboards are laid can trick the eyes into believing that a room is larger or smaller in size. Wooden floors can end at a wall, or decorative trims can be installed over the ends of the boards to add a polished appearance to the room. Inlaid patterns, wooden mosaic floors, and parquet floors are all possible to obtain with modern hardwood flooring options. Modern wood floors come in gloss, semi-gloss, and matte or hand rubbed finishes that can also be used in floor patterning projects.

While choosing your new hardwood flooring materials, sizes, and room patterns, it is always helpful to have a professional involved in your choices so that you are aware of the options that will fit your lifestyle, room designs, and purpose. Beautiful wooden floors come in water-resistant versions, easy-care fashions, and natural wooden finishes. There are wooden floors that are perfect for every home, office, and business location. Hardwood floors are long-term flooring options that are desirable interior elements.

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