Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making the Right Carpet Color Choice

When it comes time to choose a carpet color for a room in your home there are so many choices that it can become overwhelming. One must realize that the carpeting is going to be there for a long time, in most cases, so one must proceed cautiously to avoid saying a year later, "What was I thinking?"

One of the biggest mistakes people make is to paint the room a particular color and then attempt to find a carpet color that coordinates with the paint. They typically paint a piece of wood and bring it to the carpet store where the fluorescent lighting is different than the lighting in their home and the color they brought with them no longer looks like the color they left with. The prudent way of deciding is to get a sample of the carpet in the color you like that goes with the walls that you imagine. Bring it home along with some lighter shade paint chips that coordinate with the carpet sample. Also choose a couple that enhance the color. For example if you chose a deep slate green carpet, you may choose paint samples of light sea foam or sage. Then you might possibly choose another of a butter cream just for variation. Then imagine the woodwork color lighter or darker than the wall color.

Have you ever walked into an historic home and admired the classic stately décor? If you tried to remember what color the carpet was you probably couldn't assuming it was not hardwood floors with oriental rugs. The same would be true of a retro Hollywood ranch with the Herman Milleresque décor of turquoise and Formica. Walk into a home from a trendy era like the 70s and you will definitely remember the gold sculptured carpet. Which would you want in your home? Would you want timeless or timed out? Remember if you are spending a great deal of money on carpeting you want it to last for decades. You will replace a couch and it will still coordinate even though your tastes have changed. Neutral tones or understated tones always are a good selection.

Next you must consider the rooms function and challenges. You have pets and an off white carpet? Not on your life. It does not matter how well you have trained your little Yorkie or Maltepoo. They still get sick and will lose control. A mixed weave of earth tones like browns and tans would be a much better choice. A solid dark color may not show stains but white pet hair will be everywhere all of the time.

Choosing a perfect color may be difficult but if you use proper discernment and consideration the task will be much less stressful now and will continue to reward you in the future.

Be sure to choose the best padding that will lessen wear and tear over time and be certain to find the best carpet maintenance professional to keep your color bright and fresh for as long as you own it.

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